Well, that escalated quickly. 3 NFTs on https://farmfarmer.farm sold out!

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The cattle rancher is one of the best deals left at the moment. The 4502 is the discounted amount remaining. There is a chunk remaining at the full price.

$farm is going out. You can see it in your balance. There's a lottery for it every hour. Not everyone receives some every hour. So, if you only own one token it'll be a little bit before you mine some. If you own 40% of the mining power you should get into 40% of the mining rounds overall.

Governance is slower. So, after you stake your $farm which you can do in your Hive-Engine wallet then you'll start earning $farmgov, but that's gonna be slower.

I'm stoked to see the support from the community at large. Thanks for getting into the game. I'm looking forward to developing Hive-Engine and making it easier than ever for projects, services, businesses, and communities to form here build markets, and finally start building real value on Hive.


You are an inovator, I am also happy to see the support you are getting. I also think you are amazing, just sayin'.

will i can see how much the making a houre or some thing ?

The payment with Hive doesnt seem to be working.

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Ignore this. The miners sold out quickly.

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When you say the "governance is slower" do you mean that FARMGOV is actually being mined right now and just distributes at a very slow rate? Seeing how there's only 1 FARMGOV outstanding for farmfarmer, I was under the impression FARMGOV mining hasn't started yet.

on that matter, what is the amount of $FARMGOV being distributed every year? feels like important information to understand.

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We added a wallet tab and fleshed out mining rates in the rules. it's all in the website now.

This is my group. Not one FARM yet. SLACKERS!!!!


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I have a similar size group @oldmans and was disappointed to find that I didn't mine anything overnight. Was hoping for something this morning but nada so far. 😢

Yeah, my first check this morning waking up still shows nothing. Hopefully better things to come soon! :)

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Since $Farm Tokens are trading below 1$ would it make more sense to directly invest in $farm Tokens and than stake them in order to get Governance Tokens?

Given the governance tokens only affect the production rate of the miners, it'd be ideal to have both.

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it's an illiquid market. There's not much of it out there. It's trading at $1.40 last I looked, but on $2.80 of volume! LOl. Too early to say what to do, but the intention is to get governance tokens to help you mine it.

How do we burn FARMGOV tokens ?
Just from our Hive engine wallet ? or is there a button for it on the website ?