pre-alpha is live

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The website is live. It's the first smart contract using, NFT based, governance enabled, yield farming project to go live on Hive-Engine.

What is this thing?

Farm Farmer is a yield farming game. It's as easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Buy the cards, stake them, and start earning $FARM.
  2. Stake the $FARM and start earning $FARMGOV.
  3. Burn $FARMGOV and change the rules of the game.

What's the rule that you get to change? How powerful a set of NFTs can farm. Check out this chart!


So, at the start of the game Grain Farmers and Lumberjacks farm at the same rate. But if you buy a lot of them early, stake them, and then burn the $FARMGOV you get you'll be able to edit how quickly your Grain Farmers mine and slow down your opponents Lumberjacks! The gameplay is simple, but the social side is complex as you navigate partnerships, alliances, and backstabs to get your tokens mining at the maximum rate possible at the expense of all others!

Some cards are in short supply so you may do well and quietly avoid the wars. Or you go deep and get the cattle ranchers and horse ranchers which are in the highest supply and thus likely to be the most contentious. That contention may alsp turn out to make them the most lucrative over time.

Do you specialize? Do you diversity? Over time it'll change which is better!


The site and purchases are live. The mining contract hasn't started. The NFT influenced mining is nearly complete and should be live in November. That's when this game starts in earnest. Hopefully before the end of the year the contract to burn $FARMGOV to influence NFT power (the rate at which they mine) should be ready. So there's a little time where you can stock up on $farm and $farmgov before the changing rules go into effect.

Why get cards early?

If you want to be in the first group of people to own them then go for it. The second that mining is turned on the first people will have the best mining rate possible in the life of the game. So, the earlier you're in the better a start you'll have. The more expensive cards have actually been listed for 1/2 off. So, you're able to purchase those now and get the most powerful stuff at the biggest discount.

Why would I want to do any of this?

Well, first off it's a social game and should be fun. Second off in all subsequent projects where I have the ability to add $farm as a payment option I'll accept it at a minimum of $1/$farm. The 2ndary market will start with swap.hive but after a few months we'll add the ability to trade in $farm too. So, what you're earning will have have value.

How much value will it have?

I'm currently targeting 40,000 Farm per year for this game as the inflation pool with a 5% decline per year.

What will you use this money for?

Developing new contracts on Hive-Engine, making the next set of games that are more complicated and have more smart contracts they utilize in them. Using the funds to help build a functional P2P system and further decentralize Hive-Engine.

Hive price has been in the shitter for a while. We need new apps and Hive-Engine is the best and most likely source to get them in any short amount of time. To get them though we need more functionality, more tools, and more decentralization. This project will be geared toward getting all of them.

Why do those things matter?

Crypto is a network effect. Ultimately the only thing that really matters is getting people here. To get people here we need a smart contract platform that laymen can use without needing to code, it has to be affordable to use (but not free), and it needs to have a robust set of modular smart contracts that people can adapt to many different apps and games.

This is the first prototype and I hope that many more will follow and many more people will be building here.

You know... starting in November and December you can build there here too!

Will you further develop this game?

I'm not sure to be honest. I'm somewhat inclined to leave it be for a while and see how it goes before committing to adding any more. It's designed to be a very simple game, and I think it should stay that way. It's more likely that if I'm going to make things more complicated I'll release different games that do it, but I'll accept $farm tokens in other games to ensure farmfarmer token holders catch the value without having to add the complexity.

So... wen start?

Pre-Sale - Now (USD or Crypto)
Mining $farm and $farmgov- November
Governance ie rate change - December (hopefully)

Overall, it should be a fun little game to play with your buddies and compete for the most $farm possible, and the proceeds help Hive overall and specifically the Hive-Engine ecosystem.

Kindly take a look at pick up a few NFTs with crypto or USD and let's start playing yield farming games on Hive!


cool, I just bought some but I don't see them in my collection yet

 3 months ago 

It takes a sec depending on which currency you use.

I used HIVE

same! thankfully only bought 1 to test

Me too! Used Hive but don't see them yet. Of course everything I do on the chain lately seems to take a while to happen. :)

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I bought one of each, just to get a participation trophy. You Rock, let's keep this show running.

bla*** cool name

Wow ... I will learn that

How long should we expect to wait for those cards to show up in our collections?

 3 months ago 

depends on the payment method

Working fine, now.

Who does the artwork?

These cards games are interesting as they do support engagement so I wonder what else could be done once second layer plays a bigger role on Hive.

I'm curious on the SMT evolution too?
Edit: ok I didn't read this:

Using the funds to help build a functional P2P system and further decentralize Hive-Engine.

Personally I think this is a flaw of Hive. Devs always want to be paid up front. Yet want Hive to attract money. Money (from outside) don't come if Hive is just seen as slow development.

Checkout with ETH doesn't work unfortuntely.

why no discord channel for the game?

 3 months ago 

can use hive-engine, and there's chat built into it.

Just bought 6 and they were instantly in my account using HIVE and keychain.
Keen for the mining tokens part, hopefully not long now!

So how to stake? To which account they should be delegated? Does the FARM mining work already?