Farm Farmer Mining is Live - Welcome to Alpha! A FarmFarmer tutorial.

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Mining is Live! tl;dr stake your NFTs to start earning $farm! Right this second is literally the highest return you'll get on mining because the pool is fixed and not all the miners have been bought. So, there's never a better time than right this second. Also, there's still some good deals on the Cattle Rancher so you may want to pick her up!

Tutorial Post

Hey all. This is now a tutorial post for Farm Farmer. We've moved out of Pre-Alpha and we're now in alpha. This is possible because the dynamic mining contract (the one that can use properties of NFTs to define how quickly the NFTs mine) is now in production, successfully tested, and now live for Farm Farmer.


what is Farm Farmer?

FarmFarmer is a demonstration project for Hive-Engine of how gamified yield farming can function on Hive/Hive-Engine. The gameplay is closer to idle games, than something more complex like Splinterlands.


  1. Purchase NFTs
  2. Stake NFTs to earn $farm
  3. Stake farm to earn $farmgov
  4. Burn $farmgov to change the rate your miners work (the faster the better

Initial distribution and mining power


We're completely sold out of the stone miners, we've sold out of the Computer and Gold Miners that had a discount. We're nearly sold out of the non-discounted computer coders. There are still Cattle Ranchers available at a discount.

Overall, so far we've sold over $6000 of the available value of cards. It's about 10% of the mining power available in the initial layout of the game. Not bad for a pre-alpha!

How to start?

You are encouraged to install Hive-Keychain to login to the website.

Chrome/Brave -

Firefox -

If you don't know how to setup keychain you can hop into the Hive-Engine Discord Group.

If you don't know how or don't want to install keychain you can use our "smartlock" feature. It encrypts your keys inside the browser with a pin.


I have keychain installed so all I have to do is type in my username and login with keychain and it will log me in.

Buying tokens

the next step is to purchase NFTs. You can add multiple types of miners to your cart. I'll buy a few grain farmers and horse ranchers. When I click add to cart you can see how my cart now has 2 card types in it.


Now I have payment options.


PayPal and Stripe are services to pay with a credit card. Crypto can also be used. For crypto we accept a long list of Hive-Engine tokens as well as top market cap coins.


After I pay it'll show you it's thinking.


Then you get a success message-


Now I can go into my collection-


I'll choose my Grain Farmer


Then I'll select all the different editions. Notice how when I select them with the red checkbox they also show up in the Queue.


When I click on the Queue I have several options-


I can sell them on the market. They trade for swap.hive. I can transfer them to a friend. And I can delegate them. I want to start mining with these, so I'm going to choose delegate.


Once I've chosen to delegate a new screen pops up. You can delegate to yourself or to another account. I'm feeling greedy so I'm going to delegate to myself. I click self and now click delegate. Keychain pops up, the game shows a loading dot and then I can see that they are delegated to muh self.


That's it. That's all I have to do to get them mining $farm.

I'll delegate some of these Horse Ranchers to some little buddies of mine.


They now show up like this.


Staking $farm

Right now I have to stake $farm by going into hive-engine and clicking the stake button in my wallet, but we're adding a wallet page to so that it's all in the same spot. That should be live this week.

If you stake $farm you'll earn $farmgov.

Burning $farmgov

This will live in the wallet too, but you'll be able to burn $farmgov to change how quickly the NFT miners can farm. You want the ones you own to mine quickly and the ones that others own to mine slowly.

What's next?

I showed a space game in the works, but I also have a pretty sweet looking fantasy game that I'll get out there soon too.


This one will explore more burn options being implemented into the game and even though I'm starting with 10 characters it'll grow larger over time.

The pack manager contract is coming along. So, hopefully before the end of the year we can start doing pack sales and explore that as well.

So, if you're buying NFTs now there will be lots of things to do with the $farm you earn like stake it, burn it, sell it, or use it to buy NFTs in other games as well! Hive-Engine games like this will typically accept farm at $1 unless I'm prohibited by a partner I work with when launching them.

Right this second is the best time...

The mining pool per year is fixed, but not all the NFTs are sold. Right this second is literally the best time to mine in the life of the game. We're already ~10% sold out and that was before the mining even worked. So, for starters this is the best time to join, and secondly you might not get another time to join because honestly $100k worth of NFTs isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things. We're already sold out completely of 1 NFT and close to the on two of the others. We'll see how long these last!

Anyway, happy mining and congrats to the card owners, first $farm hodlers, and HE team for getting Farm Farm Farming Live!


After you've delegated a card to "Self" how long is it before Farm shows up in HE wallet so it can be staked?

 3 months ago 

There's not a specific time. You're vying for a release like btc. The more you have the more frequently you'll get them.

So does that mean it's possible to not get any? And . . . would I have been better off to buy more of one card then rather than a mix of single cards?

 3 months ago 

There's a lottery for the $farm tokens every hour. You don't get tokens every hour. You get them in the hours where your mining power wins the round.

It's a mix. if you buy one you can concentrate on raising that power, but others might gang up on you to slow you down. If you're diversified you are less effected by any negative impacts, but it's also harder to drastically move the mining speed up of your tokens since they are distributed.

Diversity is less risky, but where there's risk there is potential for reward.

Just bought and delegated 2 Cattle Rancher :)
But now I've a question..if one day I decide to sell them, i'll need to undelegate them. So is the undelegation instant or it takes some times.
And what about $FARM? If I stake FARM how long is the unstaking process?

 3 months ago 

tokens unstake in a day, farm in 7

Ok perfect thanks!

Hello, @aggroed, I bought a Computer Coder but I never got it in my collection. I sent you message in FarmFarmer.

Some Discord?

One coder staked. Let's see how all of this goes!

Thanks a lot i needed it i have a little days try to buy but i can not,
i am operated with a cell phone maybe this would be the problem with key chain,
sorry for bothering i will try to enter agains.
happy day.

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Looking good. Are you planning to implement Hivesigner at some point?

 3 months ago 

No. You're welcome to use keychain or smartlock.

Ah, I'm sincerely saddened to hear that. I haven't had the desire to use plugin/extensions. Although, you got me curious, am I missing something about Hivesigner? Thanks for the quick reply :)

Who needs Hivesigner?

Unstaking I guess takes less than 4 weeks?

You want the ones you own to mine quickly and the ones that others own to mine slowly.

Will there be a range in which the miners can be modified?
Like it shouldn't be possible to make some miners to go to zero.

Great tutorial! Thanks, I hadn't heard about this before. Is there any advantage in having different cards?

@aggroed how often does a $FARM reward drop? (every hive block?)

That is pretty awesome. I just took the dive and purchase some. I am actually trying to decide if I want to buy more. All of these NFT's are a really testing the limits of my self control!

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What is the time for powering down?

Where can you spend FARM?
There isn't anything that accepts it right now right?
Will you be able to use it to buy Splinterlands products?

With a potential total of 134,000 Power, and only 40K FARM produced a year, eventually you won't even be able to get one FARM/year with a miner.

"because honestly $100k worth of NFTs isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things."

 3 months ago 

It is accepted at I'll add it to the future NFT idle mining games where I can. I have a few ideas in various stages of development.

Potential power is higher because of burn cases, but overall the game is restricted to 40k $farm/yr.

DEFI stuff is in the billions. This is $100k. It's pretty small.

Will it be accepted at Splinterlands?

Potential power is higher because of burn cases

Meaning, the yield will be even less for most people.
When ENG miners where launched, the math showed like a 10 year Break even period.

 3 months ago 

Not necessarily, could be faster, that's the whole game marky.

Splinterlands generally has some internal rules around accepting tokens for value only after they achieve significant volume. If these trade regularly I think it's possible.

Splinterlands generally has some internal rules around accepting tokens for value only after they achieve significant volume. If these trade regularly I think it's possible.

Of course, so you can only use it to buy more farm or clones of the game built in the same fashion, coming soon™.

 2 months ago 

well, I wouldn't say "clone of the game." It's closer to "other idle mining games." But at least for whatever I put out there they'll all have different rules. I'm not cloning FFF exactly. They'll get more complicated as new contracts are unlocked and I can get more sophisticated with the design. That said, I don't think they'll reach the playability of Splinterlands. The contracts here are too generic and meant to be.


I have a several questions:

  • referral system -- will it be? - I can't see it

  • the characteristics of the cards inside the game - I can't see it => Stats absent on site

  • messages: I can't type any into the field of message (even I choose the chat to do this) - issue? Where I can feedback about it? => Contacts (Discord) absent on the site

  • if I translate your post into other language (Russian) will you support (upvote) this action?

Great, I was busy lol so missed first day of mining.

Is there a way to know how many NFT's have been staked so one can determine their chance of winning?

How many mining rounds are there in 1 hour?

Also how many FARM are distributed every hour? to me it seems 4.566 tokens as i remember total are 40k for a year.

Thanks got answer for almost al questions on site. :)