Dynamic Mining (NFT influenced mining) is now in production: https://farmfarmer.farm mining going live soon.

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Aggroed here with my hive-engine hat on. My general goal with Hive-Engine these days is to create a modular smart contract platform where designers of games and apps don't have to actually code, but can daisy chain modular smart contracts together to make games and apps.

Now, to start these things may not be the world's most sophisticated things, but as more contracts that are easily generalizable become available the capabilities and complexity of the dapps and services should be able to increase. What I'm hoping for is people see Hive-Engine as being the front line of modular production like Ford was for cars.

Farm Farmer

After the popular explosion of defi on ethereum it became more apparent what the powers of smart contract enabled dapps can be. For that purpose I think it's important to showcase how we can build them right here on Hive and Hive-Engine.

How do you play farm farmer?

  1. Buy NFTs
  2. Stake them
  3. Mine $farm
  4. Stake $farm
  5. Mine $farmgov
  6. Burn farmgov to change how quickly the NFTs can mine the pool

So, how does that fit in with Hive-Engine?

With Hive-Engine we're using a few smart contracts that already exist, have one in production being tested right now, and will layout one more hopefully before the end of the year to have governance enables dapps.

Which contracts are we using?

The first thing you buy is an NFT or several of them. That requires the NFT contract.

The second contract is when you're farming $farm. The creation of $farm token uses the fungible token contract.

Now the next parts of this are really around governance and NFT influenced mining aka dynamic mining. So, the ability of NFTs to influence the mining of a token are coming from the latest contract that we've put in place. This one was written by @eonwarped and a few people may have received some test tokens from him. Yes, it's live on the production server!!!

This dynamic mining contract contract allows us to write a mining contract that changes how quickly NFTs can mine based on stats that the NFTs have. The next contract that we're working on there is the ability to have a governance contract that changes the stats on the dynamic mining contract. So, when this all comes together there will be an initial value for $farm mining rate which depends on the NFTs you own and stake, but when you burn $farmgov you can change those rates. Make yours faster and your opponents slower. Kill one, drive the price down, and then drive the rate back up. The whole thing is a big game and experiment.

Technically what you do in the game is super simple. You buy, stake, and burn tokens. But the stragety behind it is bigger than that for sure.

Anyway, this is a demonstration project for what Hive-Engine can do. The NFTs will mine 40k $farm tokens per year with a small decline over time and soon you'll be able to see the rate at which they mine right on the site. I imagine in the next two weeks mining goes live. These tokens will be usable in other demonstration style idle mining games that Hive-Engine puts out there. We'll accept them at 1 $farm = $1USD.

Future game in the works

Gonna have a space idle mining game. It'll be a variation on the theme of mining games and I'll try to include some more burn cases. Same deal with the money raised. The money raised by the game will go to supporting Hive-Engine development and getting more games and people onto Hive and Hive-Engine. No, it's not a bro-down experience.

Commission 278.png

Last chance on Farm Farmer for the best deals

There are still a few NFTs available that are discounted. The cattle rancher is at a discount and the computer coder and goblin miner are stronger miners than the rest. So, if you're looking for a good deal or some of the most powerful cards there are some left.

We're also sold out completely of the Stone Miners. That's the first batch to go out completely.

Anyway, it's going live either this week or next I think. Governance won't work just yet, but these NFTs will start mining soon. Come check it out.

HE Tokens

In case you missed it Farm Farmer accepts PAL, BEE, LEO and SIMS as payment. gotta support the community!

Anyway, pick yours up soon and hopefully you'll dig the space game coming too! Small chance that site might go live in December.


You should accept SPT as well :)

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That's a good idea.

that will be very good if you accept SPT

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I want to buy but I can not how I paid with hive.

How I paid

In case you missed it Farm Farmer accepts PAL, BEE, LEO and SIMS as payment. gotta support the community!

Yes but how is the procedure, When i get the address I need to paid uses Hive engine sending the coin to this address?, as you see in my image I have the bottom paid with keychain but When i press it, nothing happens.
I thought the paid were same to when you make Hive engine operations, that you do click on keychain and next you authorize the operation and automatically do it.
Thank you so much for help me.

Its the same yes.
I am not sure the problem for you :/
I paid with hive yesterday without a problem.

But not hive(swap.hive) from HE

Yes, I tried to buy via PayPal and it doesn´t work on my brave browser.
Hey, this concept seems quite interesting to me, somehow.
Let my money in ???

Goddammit your brilliant minds creating so much cool new stuff all the times.

My main focus is on Splinterlands Lands right now and it's so hard to put money aside for other projects :D

Is SIMS supposed to be SIM?

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A link please to the game and where I can buy this presale

A link to the site would be good!

Isn't it in the title? https://farmfarmer.farm

Fair point, maybe I'm just being lazy in wanting a link to click on.

I found one in a previous post!

I quite like the idea of this, it's quite fun.

ok just spend all my hive+hbd on your game las see it can follow up with the dcity game. hope it do or i lose here.