how to do seeding in rice

in #farmerlast month

today I did the Rice nursery. and want to show those of you who don't understand how to do rice seeding. maybe among you who are novice farmers.


first, preparation of rice seeds. before doing the nursery, the rice seeds must be dried in the sun. and soak in water for 48 hours. then do the deposition so that the rice seeds can grow.


second prepare the mud. I took it in the trench. I have to dive to get it. then I pour it on the plastic and I flatten it. the minimum size for the thickness of the mud must be 1.5 cm.


third, then pour the rice over the mud that you have spread. you have to sprinkle it by hand. and sprinkle evenly until the mud is no longer visible.


Dari bibit padi bagi sampai hasil bagus kali ya sahabat