Our battle against the Family Courts is over, and now all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and wait for the decision...

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It was November 2019 when the Social Services took away my sister's 3-year old girl and placed her into the care of her paternal grandmother. Between that moment and the present one, not a day has gone by without feeling my heart sink at the thought of my sister's anguish and how confused/lost/scared/abandoned my young niece must be feeling.

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On Wednesday 19th August 2020, over 10-months since she was taken away, the family court concluded it's final hearings.

The final week's fact-finding hearings have seen My sister, my mum , and my dad cross-examined in the witness box. So too has the child's father, his brother, and the paternal grandmother. I always reassured my sister that once the father and his mother were cross-examined their pack of lies would unfold and they would hang themselves. Inevitably, this is exactly what has happened and there is now a strong possibility that my sister and her daughter will be reunited. Due to the corruption we have witnessed during this horrible ordeal, we are all holding back and until we hear it from the judges mouth we can not raise our hopes too high.

During these final hearings we have witnessed just how devious the Social Services are willing to be. A prime example of this is one where they actually edited a photo taken by my sister of a bloodied tissue. In the original photo, there was very little blood but when the 1st pediatrician commented on the photo, saying how surprised she was at the amount of blood, my sister became suspicious. After making some inquiries, my sister discovered that the pediatrician had been shown an edited version of the original picture she had taken. In the edited version, the colours had been darkened and what was once brown poo was now dark red blood. My sister contacted the judge immediately and made sure that the original photo was placed into the evidence bundle. Unfortunately, this wouldn't change the fact that the Local Authority had used this darkened image to cast suspicions on my sister, suggesting that if there was this much blood the injury would have been inflicted very recently, thus taking the father out of the timeline and placing my sister, and/or my mum, directly in the firing line. By the time the 2nd pediatrician took to the stand to give evidence, the solicitors on each side had agreed to have both photos presented as evidence. How this was allowed to happen is anyone's guess and I'm 100% sure this should have been seen as evidence that has been tampered with, resulting in the removal of the edited photo(not to mention criminal charges against whoever edited it!) Shamefully when the 2nd pediatrician gave evidence and commented on how many photos there were, she was bluntly instructed by the solicitor representing the Local Authority to "concentrate on the darker photo". Now, I am no legal expert but is that not leading the witness?? Whether it is or isn't, fades into insignificance against the fact that this expert is being shown an image that does not represent the truth. Subsequently, anything decided or suggested on the back of this lie can only be wrong. Fact.

Fortunately, my niece has a lioness for a mother and after going behind the back of her own solicitor, who'd decided not to raise any of this with the judge, she made her voice heard and highlighted why it was so important that he understand the implications of this edited photo. This wasn't the first time my sister had to go directly to the judge and on every occasion she was scalded by her solicitors for doing so. Why this is I do not know but what I do know is that if she had not done so things would have turned out for the worse.
In the family courts, you get what you pay for, and being on legal aid means you get the bare minimum of legal representation. Please remember this if you ever find yourself having to deal with these leeches. £25,000 worth of legal aid only gets you limited time and effort, the rest you must do for yourself.

All the evidence has now been heard and we must wait while the judge reviews it all and makes his decision. During the fact-finding, numerous theories and accusations have been thrown at the wall by the local authorities and the father's legal team in the hope that one would stick. They have accused my sister of being overprotective and paranoid, while in the next breath they have accused her of being negligent. They have accused my sister of inflicting the abuse, while also accusing my father, myself, and my mother. As I said, they have thrown anything and everything at the wall and whichever theory seemed like it would stick they ran with it until my sister proved them wrong.

Up until recently, when everyone got to view the police interview of my niece explaining what her father had done, they had all made excuses for the father. Now this evidence has finally been released by the police the tune has changed and it appears the Local Authority is finally ready to listen to what my niece said over a year ago to her mother.

The judge is the only person who has not yet seen the police interview, but he will be doing so while reviewing the evidence this week. Hopefully, this will be the turning point and it will be the moment when he realizes what a mistake it was to remove this poor child from her mum and what an even bigger mistake it was to allow the father access to his child after he had been accused.

The damage has already been done but I know that these wounds can be healed if the right decision is made. After that and once the dust has settled justice can be dealt to all those who deserve it.

My sister has been through hell and she has stood toe-to-toe with the devil. I've never been more worried about her and at the same time, I have never admired someone so much. At the very least she deserves to have her daughter back and I pray that day is coming soon.

Just for the record, this has all happened because my sister believed in "The system" and thought by going to the authorities she was protecting her daughter. The truth is that the exact opposite is our reality and not only did they not protect my sister and her daughter, they actually caused much more harm and appear to have used the situation to force another child into the care system. The Social Services lied and even went as far as to tamper with evidence. The police have abandoned my sister and even tried to tell her the abuse never happened, even after medical examinations had proven otherwise. Like my cousin told us, "Unless they see the abuse taking place in front of their eyes, the police will never stick their neck out for you". She was correct and this is exactly what they did. Shame on each and every one of them.

I would like to thank @familyprotection for giving me this platform. My whole family has been silenced by the courts and if I were to post this on Facebook I would be facing court fines and maybe even jail. Such is the nature of our secretive Family Courts, who use this cloak to undermine justice and honesty. If it was not for the anonymity I have on Hive I would not be able to write this post and you who are reading this would never know about the horrors countless families have to endure in the name of "Child Welfare".

As for my guardianship appeal, I hope it will no longer be required. My girlfriend and I attended court on the 17th only to be told by the judge that he would consider our appeal after he has made his decision. Nonetheless, I thank each and every one of you who helped raise funds for this appeal. If our appeal isn't needed I can assure you that the money we raised will go directly to my sister who has been falling into debt ever since this trial began. Or I could just hire a hit-man...


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Hey mate glad things are looking positive for all the drama they have put you all through. Prayers for you all for a great outcome.

Appreciate it mate, thank you.

Sending love and plenty of good luck. Wishing for a great news 🤗

Much appreciated and hope to be bringing great news in the near future. Thanks for your support.

It's incredible that they will edit a photo. 😡
So glad that after this long ordeal, things are coming to an end and hopefully the judge will make the right decision. When is the next court date? Thinking of you and your family.

Are whole family were so shocked when they did that but seems nobody with authority cared😤 There are no more hearings unless the judge decides my niece stays in care, then it will be a hearing to decided my guardianship appeal. Hopefully that won’t happen and it will al go well. Thank you for your concern and I hope to bring you good news in a couple of weeks x

Hello dear friend @ article61 good afternoon
I really appreciate that you gave us an update on this topic that matters a lot to all of us.
It is good to know that things are going very well, now it only remains to wait for the final resolution.
As you say, the other part was exposed, that tips the balance to its savor.
It is incredible the level of corruption that there is, and how they manipulate the evidence.
Soon we will be celebrating the reunion between your sister and your niece
Have a beautiful afternoon

It's good to have somewhere to talk about this and all your support and kind words really do help. Also it is good to be able to make folk aware of what goes on in these courts. Thank you for stopping by showing support.

this is a wonderful platform with an incredible human quality dear friend @ article61 made me very happy to read your post
It is undoubtedly the ideal place to raise awareness and make people aware of the things that happen in relation, we also have a very important support if necessary from all the @familyprotection team.
Have a beautiful afternoon dear friend

Thanks for the update and for detailing some of the corruption of the Social Services system. Let's pray that the Judge does the right thing and gives back your niece to her mother.
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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

Thank you and I really do hope I can report a good outcome when this finally ends. It's been so tough but having this platform and your support means so much. Thank you.

Whoa! I have a lot to catch up with. Didn’t know your family was going through such a rough time. It seems things are starting to look better in a sense that they are finally ready to listen. So sorry this happened to your niece and sister and I am praying that justice be served. I can’t believe about the tampered evidence. Well I can actually believe that they did it but the fact it was encouraged to use in court is just wrong.

Praying and hoping for the best outcome.

Thanks for the prayers. It's very tough and one day we think it's going well and the next the opposite. We are still waiting on the judge's decision but meanwhile, the SS is carrying out a witch hunt on my sister. It's so difficult for us all to keep calm and I really worry about my sister. My Mum saw my niece being taken to school and waved to her, then later got a phone call from SS telling us that we must not acknowledge her if we see her in public! It's so infuriating, not to mention cruel and harmful for my niece. I hope this all ends well, and soon. Thanks for stopping by and I'll keep updating when I can.

Wow I can’t even imagine how hard it is for you all right now. I am glad you are keeping the community updated so we all can be hoping and praying with you. Stay strong and vigilant.

Thank you and I hope to bring good news in the near future.

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Keep the names of the wankers...

People have no idea of whats coming on the 'reset back to sanity'.

And the very best of luck!

Thank you and I have my targets set, don't worry about that.

Hmmm, too late for me to upvote you. If it were me, I would go for the 'hit-man', but I guess your sister needs money more.

My best wishes for all of you.

Thanks for stopping by and sorry for my late reply. I think it’s money well spent with either option 😉