COME ON FOLKS!! Just 2 HBD for a chance to win 2018 1oz Steem silver round.

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As we enter the 2nd week of the fundraising raffle, only 3 tickets have been sold. Obviously, this means your chances of winning are higher than Ozzy Osbourne, and the fact that you can purchase as many tickets as you please means you can give yourself a real edge in the raffle.

The Silver round must go! And no matter how many participants enter the raffle, I will be drawing a winner in 3-weeks time!

Screenshot_20200618 2018 steem silver round  Google Search.png

What the raffle is all about...

Before I tell you exactly how to participate, I would like to explain where your money will go and the direct effect it will have on helping a family much in need of assistance.

@familyprotection is a community created to highlight and assist families who have been targeted by Social Services. An incalculable number of families have been torn apart and innocent parents all across the world are having their children stolen from them and placed into care. More often than not this is due to the corrupt practices of social workers who submit false reports to Family Courts, enabling them to obtain a court-order which then gives them the power to take a child away without the parent's consent.

To many people, this is an unbelievable concept and the idea of Social Workers purposely removing children for no reason sounds like a lie. "There must be a reason why"... "The parents aren't telling the whole story"... This is often a response I hear when telling people of this all too common scenario. Sadly, I can assure you with 100% certainty, and from personal experience, that parents do have their children stolen from them under false allegations. This terrible experience has become a living nightmare for my sister and our family and due only to the corruption of the authorities it looks like we are about to have our beloved little angel stolen from us.

My partner and I are appealing to the Family Courts to become guardians if the worst is to happen as this could be the only chance we have of not losing her forever. To do this we are having to pay court costs and for this reason I am splitting any funds raised 50/50 between @familyprotection and myself.

I hope you can understand how important this fund-raiser is and I hope as many people as possible will get involved.


Rules of the raffle

A raffle ticket will cost you the paltry sum of 2HBD or 8HIVE and the raffle will run for 4-weeks. At the end of the 4th week, I will draw the raffle using a raffle-bot on discord (The draw will be recorded and the video posted onto Hive to announce the winner). Once the winner is announced I will contact whoever it is and organize postage(P&P costs will be covered by myself)

1. Anyone can enter the raffle, no matter where you live.

2. You may buy as many tickets as you want.

3. Send your payment to my wallet and leave a comment in the memo

4. Drop a comment on the most recent raffle post informing me you have paid. Once I confirm payment I will reply and enter you into the raffle.

5. Please upvote and share this post (I can't stress how helpful that is).

6. Feel free to nominate someone to claim the prize on your behalf.

To keep you all updated, each week while the raffle is running I will write a post confirming who has entered and how many raffle tickets each person purchased.



@j85063 = 8 TICKETS
@practicalthought = 14 TICKET
@misslasvegas = 4 TICKETS
@trucklife-family = 3 TICKETS
@bashadow = 1 TICKET
@paulnulty = 1 TICKET


That post I did that had this contest as the beneficiary paid out around three hours ago for

11.334 HP | 2.413 HBD.

Not sure if that's close enough to make 3 entries or just over two. Please add however many it is to the one I already have. Like I mentioned, if any of my tickets win I want you to sell the coin and apply that to the fees you face.

Sorry the post didn't do more, but a whale here known for down voting hit it for 2/3rds of its potential rewards a couple days ago.

Certainly is enough, buddy. I should have remembered to do this when it came in. I have a memory like a fish somedays. Shame you have a pesky downvoter following you like that. I find that feature quite frustrating as it seems to be used as a tool to hide behind. Anyway, I'll add your raffle tickets, and thanks again for your support.

8 HIVE sent. Hope in the end all works out for you.

Hello again, my friend :) Thank you very much for the support and I'll add you to the raffle right away :)

Sometimes life sucks, but there is always a path forward.

In support of your fundraising raffle I have sent 2HBD for 1 raffle ticket entry and have reblogged for more to see! 😀 Good Luck to Everyone...

Nice one, @paulnulty! I'll add you to the raffle :) Very grateful for your support.

Hi @article61! Long time no see! Well, it's more my fault. Been 'away' busy with other things. I was wondering if it has to be SBD or can it be HBD? I don't have much Steem anymore. Let me know, and if it's OK you can put me down for a few raffle tickets. :) The best cause!!!

Excellent effort! 4 raffle tickets for you! :)

Thank you! Will try to do a few more after payouts hehe. Just got back to Hive-land so not a lot of liquids :) Could I ask you to have a look at my challenge? Maybe it may do you some good. Have a great week my friend!

Nice to see another familiar face around here and feel free to buy as many raffle tickets as you wish :) I certainly take a look at your challenge, sounds intriguing...

Hi there! Great to hear from you again :) I hope you are well. Thanks for the question as HDB is what I should have written(Old man brain). Brilliant to have you on-board :) Thank you for supporting the raffle and @familyprotection

yeah great to see you doing this again, just send you 6hbd, much love to you my friend xxxx

My lovely Aishlinn, thank you very much :) I will add you to the list. How are you and the kids these days?

We are doing okay, watching all these crazy events unfold and trying to be prepared for what may come. Bloody crazy right now, but hopefully enough of us will rise up. How is all with you? xxxx

Oh my, there is plenty of crazy around at the moment. Glad to hear you're all doing well. It's the same over here but me and the family are looking forward to a trip to Italy soon :) Other than that I am working hard while the kids spend the hard-earned cash lol.

sorry meant to answer with my account, great that you have a holiday planned xxxx

Just sent another 80 Hive for 10 more entries.

Bravo! That's so good of you and I'll add those tickets to the list. Got my hearing on the 17th August so will update after it's done. Thanks again.

Appreciate the update, and keeping your family in my prayers.

Just sent another 12 HBD for 6 entries 😀

Great effort! And thank you very much :) I will add you tickets straight away.

Cheers 👍

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