2 Weeks Until the Fundraising Raffle Ends! Find out what we're fighting against and get yourself a ticket!

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We're at the halfway point, folks! So, far it has been a sterling effort and we have already raised 40HBD and 88Hive from the sale of raffle tickets alone! Big thanks to all the familiar faces joining in and showing support, and it's also brilliant to see some new Hivers supporting the fundraiser.

Now, for a quick reminder about why I'm running this raffle...

@familyprotection is a community created by @canadian-coconut to assist families who are fighting against the CPS(Child Protection Services) and to highlight the countless families who have been torn apart following forced adoption orders, sanctioned by corrupt family courts.

Currently, my own family is fighting such a battle and even though I was aware of the corruption within the Social Services I have been utterly shocked at the lengths to which they are willing to go in order force a child into the care system. Besides all the lies they have told the courts about my sister, and the way in which they have placed my niece into the care of someone who knowingly neglects her duties and actively seeks to destroy the bond between mother and daughter, we have just discovered that the judge who has been appointed to make the final ruling is the same judge who was responsible for one of the most disgraceful miscarriages of justice seen in the UK family courts for a long while. And if this wasn't bad enough news, we have also found out that The "Honourable" Judge, Jeremy Lea, has recently been found guilty of Professional misconduct.

For those who might not have the time to follow the links above, here is a video which involves the innocent mother at the centre of the scandal we have recently discovered

Now you are even more aware of how important this raffle is and exactly the kind of corruption @familyprotection fights against. So please, come support our fundraiser and do your bit to help my family and the countless other families who are trapped in the same nightmare.


How to Join the Raffle...

A raffle ticket will cost you the paltry sum of 2HBD or 8HIVE and the raffle will run for 4-weeks. At the end of the 4th week, I will draw the raffle using a raffle-bot on discord. The draw will be recorded and the video posted onto Hive to announce the winner. Once the winner is announced I will contact whoever it is and organize postage of this beautiful 2018 1oz Silver Round

Screenshot_20200618 2018 steem silver round  Google Search.png

(P&P costs will be covered by myself)

  1. Anyone can enter the raffle, no matter where you live.
  2. You may buy as many tickets as you want.
  3. Send your payment to my wallet and leave a comment in the memo
  4. Drop a comment on the most recent raffle post informing me you have paid. Once I confirm payment I will reply and enter you into the raffle.
  5. Please upvote and share this post (I can't stress how helpful that is).
  6. Feel free to nominate someone to claim the prize on your behalf.

To keep you all updated, each week while the raffle is running I will write a post confirming who has entered and how many raffle tickets each person purchased.


@j85063 = 8 TICKETS
@practicalthought = 14 TICKET
@misslasvegas = 17 TICKETS
@trucklife-family = 3 TICKETS
@bashadow = 1 TICKET
@paulnulty = 1 TICKET
@shanibeer = 2 TICKETS
@thehive = 2 TICKETS


This raffle was only made possible because of the generosity of @c0ff33a who donated the prize from my previous raffle back to us so we could do it all again.

Thank-you @article61 for doing this fundraiser for @familyprotection.
It has been UPVOTED by @familyprotection and RESTEEMED TO OUR Community Supporters.
"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

It's going very well again and thanks for the support :)

Getting a few more too 🙂

Wow, I've just seen your latest donation! Thank you xx I'll add your new tickets to the tally :)

sent for 2 tickets

Hey! Another new face :) Thank you very much and I'll add you to the raffle list.

Hi @article61,
Thank you for participating in the #teamuk curated tag. We have upvoted your quality content.
For more information visit our discord https://discord.gg/8CVx2Am

Hi @article61, sent 4 HBD over ... when does the raffle end?

Hello @shanibeer :) Lovely to have you joining in the raffle, I'll add you to the list right away. The raffle ends in two weeks time. I write a post each week and after the 4th post has paid out I draw the raffle and submit the video of the draw through a 5th post(Hope that makes sense). Good luck and hope you are well.

I'm good, thanks, hope you are too.
If there's a week or two, I can buy some more raffle tickets - that was all the loose change I had :)

I forgot to say thank you for the tip you sent me! Thank you and that's the first I've received :)

My pleasure :)

You did a exellent job, good luck.

Thank you :)

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