Evening at the Park and the River

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Outing Night at the Park

About once a week, we go out to a park to enjoy the cool evenings out of the house. The family has a lot of fun exploring various places.


This Park is Special

After playing on the merry-go-round, we head over to the river. It was shallow enough to cross over to a little stone island!


We found a bend in the river that created a stony island and creek to play in.



Climbing on the rocks... can she make it?


She made it!

It was a special outing night

Our family had a great time playing in the river and learning more about outside spaces. It was a fun evening!

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Seems like you have found some fun activities in your area to do! Excellent job there dad!

Even in suburbia, we can find treasures!

Cool and Nice

Very refreshing.