Merry Christmas Everyone!

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So yesterday I broke with my decade old Xmas tradition of spending Xmas day entirely on my own, interrupted only by the occasional WhatsApp message and had a few afternoon Xmas drinks with my friend and landlady and her partner, which was nice.

Honestly, that's the first time in a decade I've actually spoken to people on Christmas Day, and it was most pleasant - over drinks and a baked Cheese, which was an intended Xmas present for someone else, but undeliverable back to the UK due this crazy covid situation.

But you know, someone else's loss is our gain I guess!

Just chilling with the Chickens this morning, or maybe 'with' is the wrong word - I'm drinking coffee and they're doing what Chickens do, which is forage for food, which is basically the ONLY thing chickens do besides sitting still and laying eggs.

I took an XMAS selfie, you can just see one of the Chickens behind me, the rest of them moved just before I took the shot, that's something else Chickens are good at - being just a little bit annoying.


It's a beautiful sunny day, really BRIGHT! As it was yesterday.

Going to head up the house for a baked Ham later - a few people are coming over for a late dinner which will be nice - a few beers and wine too no doubt!

Nothing quite like the combination of Boxing Day and Saturday to put you in a 'blraarurghhh fuck it I'll do whatever mood'.

Everyone needs a break sometime after all.

Bit annoyed that I can't run ATM, my groin/ lower stomach (what I want to call the hernia alert area) is telling me to rest for a few days - what's annoying about it is that I only did a regular (rather than mountainous) run a couple of days ago and that seems to have been the culprit - I dunno, I must be getting old!

Boxing days' also a good one for reflecting - and I'm wondering whether I'm going to be able to keep up the running once my land kicks in - that's going to be a lot of physical work - I can't imagine building and digging every day is going to go well with an intensive running routine.

I've also been trying to plan out some more stuff I want to write on Early Retirement, but it's just not forthcoming - I've got some ideas floating around in my head, they've been in there for months, but I just can't seem to pull them out in an orderly manner, I'm sure I'll get there, but it may be a while yet.

Thankfully there's plenty of other shit I can write about in the meantime!

I think I'm going to spend tomorrow treating myself to writing a MASSIVE New Year's to do list. I really like making lists. What won't be so much fun is starting working through it on the Monday!

Merry Christmas, if slightly belatedly!


I suffer from Groin Pain from time to time as well...maybe you are right, we are getting older 😅
Merry Christmas man!

I guess we both know the kind of pain that says 'rest' - I should be OK for the middle of next week!

It's good that you have some company this year. Being with people is what I think of for Xmas.

Chickens are also really good at pooping everywhere.


That's why I find the chickens annoying - I have to use a broom to keep them off my decking area - I think they've learned, finally!

You should listen to your groin lol besides I can't see any chicken in the selfie or did you cook them all already? Damn I think that's what you did. Hahaha. Merry Christmas

Haha! No it's right behind me, you can only see the wing!

They are not laying, their days are numbered I think!

Lol since they're not laying, I fancy they'll be good for the meat and what a time to take them to the grill. Hahaha

Glad you're having a nice Christmas weekend!

Same with making lists, I love it and already started writing down some things as they come to my mind. It's fun! :)


Oh we all love a list - what about a list of lists?

Wish you Happy Holiday Season. Glad to read you had a good time :-)

Cheers, happy festives to you too!

Holy Moses! @revisesociology...

How many beard & moustache hair do you also include in your diet jointly with your baked Cheese & Ham and those Chicken's eggs mate? :D

Yeah I do need a trim!

Choosing the right kit for that task is gonna be key my friend.

Take care and Merry Christmas buddy!!

Chicken chillin'. A nice way to start the day. Coffee works too. 🙂

Time for today's now! And some Netflix.

Sounds like a good plan. 👍🏽

Hey @revisesociology ,
Sorry to jump in a bit off-topic.
I'm are very grateful that you currently support the HiveBuzz proposal, but it will expire in a few days.
Do you mind to cast your vote for the proposal renewal we made for 2021 so we can continue with our work?
Thank you. Wish you a happy Xmas 🎅

Hey I will no worries, happy New Year!

Thank you for your unfailing support @revisesociology, much appreciated!

Merry Christmas! It looks like that lake behind you isn't frozen, which is something to be thankful for! (as I sit here shivering)

Ah yes I'm pretty glad the winters are mild! That's for sure, it won't get that cold, where abouts are you?

I'm in New York where today it is just above freezing and tomorrow it is going to be well below! As long as we can avoid blizzards like the one we had last week, though, I can't complain!

I love these more personal stories of yours, and it makes me wish I lived in the northern hemisphere so I had a chance to come visit you, though i aint jogging nowhere, dude!

which is forage for food, which is basically the ONLY thing chickens do besides sitting still and laying eggs.

NOOOOOOO - they do lots of things, like offer psychological support, fight with each other, give you kudos because - you have chickens in your proximity, y'know, cluck about 100 words of chicken language that you MIGHT be lucky to ONE DAY understand if you hang out with them long enough...

Happy Christmas xxx Love seeing your happy smiling beardy face!

Hey cheers and Merry Christmas.

I have this theory that Chickens have been bred to be very useful to humans, just not themselves!