Facebook is looking to seize the Internet...

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Hello everyone,

The strategy that Facebook is following is more than just pushing the crypto market. Facebook is looking to seize the crypto market as well. Not long ago Facebook launched a program in India the program was to provide internet for free on certain networks. Airtel was one of them, so the deal was that Facebook will provide free access to the Airtel users on zero charges. There was no need to recharge the number or any kind of internet balance to access a few sites. General people overlooked this, they didn't think that Facebook and Airtel are actually boosting their market by providing usage for free on their partner websites. This was an evil intention behind a good looking social program. Internet.org was the name of the program. TRAI - official regulators and few startups were opposing this as it was less Internet accessibility but majorly focusing on boosting their partner's services in India under the flag of "Internet for all".

Now things are going the same with the cryptos. Under the flag of Libra Facebook is aiming to get control of this market. To become the new bitcoin and it doesn't seem to be decentralized. I understand that this is a great move but this thing - Libra - is more devastating than good. Facebook isn't doing anything bad but it is just taking a big bite of this Internet cake. Internet.org was a huge topic in India where common people were not happy on the government stand but it proves to be beneficial as of now. India is growing at a good pace and everything is getting online and thankfully there is not any watchdog like Facebook manipulating things to get their business on track. Last year, Google was also fined by the EU for manipulating ads and interest to increase their business.