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RE: Vlog 459: A sad day for Steem

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Imagine some random person would come up to you and would try to harm you or your loved ones and you would have to defend yourself. And you would let your fists fly. Does that mean, afterwards, that you'll go around the city and punch people randomly?

Because that's the analogy I take from your position regarding: "Well, if Steemit Incs stake was frozen, it can happen to anybody".

I get how it might look that any stake is no at risk, but that is absurd and simply not true!

There is a clear line between freezing the Steemit Inc "ninja mined" stake, which was supposed to be used for Steem and is now threatening more than ever the integrity of Steem, and any other stake.

Here is a short story I made to explain what the difference is:


I understand the fear, but the action was not right which you all witness did it. You show something that nobody own truly his coins, because this can be frozen anytime by the witness. If Facebook own the Stakes, than you true have a reason to be afraid and do save the freedom of Steem(it)

You all wittness didn't ask us as community about your decision, you made it just in the underground. You Witness all are here for us, to work as the long arm of the community, but not as own small group who decide anything alone....

I am asking you honestly: What the witenss will think this is going further now after unfreeze the Stakes? What you all think, there all BEST FRIENDS now after that? The News Website allredy writing about that case, from today every investor ( nevermind how much he will invest), will be aware that his investment can be freeze at any moment. This is not any more "Your Key-your Coins", from today this slogan is history for Steemit Blockchain....

because this can be frozen anytime by the witness

This was always the case. Tell me... would the witness voters (stake holders) allow witnesses to start freezing investor stake left and right???

The answer is no. They would quickly stop being witnesses. This change clearly demonstrates the power of consensus and the ability of a community to act.

This was not a sad day. Quite the opposite.

You answer the question yourself. The Witness didn't ask anyone for that move. Does the witness made puplic request from us comunnity? Not at all....
We all are free people and have the right to say what we think about it, if this decisssion was right or wrong.

You should read that:

The Witness didn't ask anyone for that move.

  1. They did ask people.
  2. There were hundreds of posts on the topic where you could determine overall agreement.
  3. The community stakeholders gave witnesses votes because they trusted them to act for the good of the blockchain. If they did something stake holders didnt agree on they would be voted out and others would replace them and the fork would be reversed. The fact that their position is even stronger then before clearly shows where the stakeholders stand.

If you disagree vote for other witnesses. Thats what decentralization is about.

Read the cryptogee post. Commented already. He is dead wrong about everything.