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RE: Vlog 459: A sad day for Steem

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So is my STEEM worth more now due to the reduction of circulating supply?

Did these witnesses do this because Sun is Chinese?

Will they unfreeze it after Sun plays nice?

Now I know how ETC guys felt after The DAO Hack.

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Did these witnesses do this because Sun is Chinese?

Excuse me? First of all, those 60+ people involved weren't only witnesses but most importantly, we're not racist. Seriously, what the fuck?

Sorry, bro, but some of you said you "quarantined" his stake. Words, man, words. Be careful with them.

Also, why do this to Justin when you could have done this to Ned for years, but didn't? Is it not obvious that Justin is a way better leader than Ned for Steemit? Actions, man, actions. Be careful with them.

you spoke some of my words man.I am not a Chinese but lately I'm also reading that racism kinds of posts and comments and it really feels bad. People here are not how they pretend to be..

hate for chinese people is the main force for this

*(hope you get the sound of my vice)


we all hate chinese people, especially now when they created this deadly virus :D

i know there are some people in the world that have some crazy views on people that look different than them, but it feels crazy that someone would think that he being chinese had anything to do with what was done.

Looks bad, bro. Ned was a negative force for years and they didn't do this to him. Now Justin Sun comes along and in 2 weeks they freeze his stake? Seriously, yo, how do you NOT conclude that race / fear of the unfamiliar could have played a part in this?

How new here are you? There was, in fact, a discussion to freeze the stake not that long ago, when Ned was in charge. But even if you weren't around then, if you attended the AMA, surely you read the comments that were being thrown around about Ned. Did they sound friendly to you?

And no, it wasn't fear of the unfamiliar, either. There was and is plenty of evidence that Justin planned a token swap. Given that you weren't apparently aware of the threatened fork under Ned, you should consider that there could be lots of things you're not aware of that led to this decision before you assume it was rascism and fear of the unfamiliar...Most of which are actually discussed in the trending post on this topic.

Look here, I never said it was racism. I just posited a question that maybe that had something to do with that. And given the responses here, I appear to have struck a nerve.

Your whole story proves my point. If it was threatened to Ned for months or years, why wasn't this tactic also tried with Justin?

Racism or not, Exyle is right. This is not very "blockchain" of any of the witnesses.

Yes, the nerve you struck is that people who are not racists do not like being false accused of it under the flimsiest of evidence. Just to be clear, you don't actually have to use the word "racism" to accuse someone of being a racist.

My story doesn't prove the point. You need to do more research before making such sweeping claims. It was the reaction of ned (an immediate powerdown) that led to a quicker reaction this time, to avoid the same thing happening again.

And, no, Exyle is entirely wrong on this point. DPOS-based blockchains were designed to work exactly this way as far as governance is concerned. I should know, I was one of maybe three people involved in its conceptual design.

DPOS governance encompasses the notion that witnesses can fork the chain. Users of the chain who don't like a fork have at least two options they can take in this case: 1) unvote the forking witnesses or 2) setup a separate fork (this latter option is available with any blockchain). The first is one extra advantage of DPOS-based blockchains.

Look, it's pretty simple, Whale.

There is only one major difference between the owner of Steemit in January and the owner of Steemit in February. You guys are now treating the February owner way differently than the January owner.

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks"

Supply is not reduced, Justin can't vote but he can sell the stake.

He can't power down his stake.

I didn't understand this from the other posts. This is mindblowing.

I now go from against it to completely against it.

Yeah, it's not a good look.

They will have to come to agreement to unfreeze. That will be interesting to see.

Very interesting indeed. And then what? When he starts power down, will they freeze the funds again?

  • obviously this is not done because of racial backgrounds.
  • the circulating supply has not been altered.
  • whether the stake will be unfrozen depends on future talks and consensus. Let's see. If the witnesses were all paranoid and (for example) Tron is fine with having the stake (for example) be transferred to steem.dao for community projects, then all is good and decentralization wins the day!
  • this was not a hack. The code is submitted on an open-source public github account, run on several testnets with biggest participation rate of individuals on testnets seen since beginning of Steem development and then finally released and updated by a supermajority of witnesses, as can be seen in the utmost right column on