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RE: Vlog 459: A sad day for Steem

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Welcome to Delegated Proof of Stake. This is how it works. This is how it was designed from the start.

It's kind of a shock that you didn't know.


"It's kind of a shock that you didn't know."

It was kind of a shock to many of us who were discussing this all week as well. We were under the impression that, as a long-time user, investor, and witness, Exyle understood how DPoS worked.

We also were surprised to learn that his account of what has taken place was very factually inaccurate (as I explained in my other comment to this post). Perhaps if he had spent a little more time engaging in the discussions - instead of showing up for just over an hour a couple of days ago and telling us how we didn't understand what we're doing, then leaving - he may have had a more firm grasp of the situation and, you know...the actual facts.

Indeed, if the supermajority agree their will be done be it good or bad it be done!

Yeah, that's exactly how DPOS works. But as a community we can vote on witnesses. So please take this lesson to make sure you vote on the witnesses you trust. And if you believe the POV of @blockbrothers is the best, tell everyone to vote for them and why.

Yeah, that’s what we need.. a witness who doesn’t even understand DPOS. 🙌🏼


Let's not be too harsh here. Looking at the video he struck me as being pretty emotional about it. I think it's because he just loves Steem too much. Love can sometimes blind a man a bit, don't you think?