Going home from London and I'm going to be a judge on the Steem2020 contest! 1500 STEEM price money!

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I'm already on my way back from London.

Time sure flies when you are having fun.

These weekends are amazing too recharge.

It's done me loads of good.

@ezzy was kind enough to join me for the Metro ride to the airport.

It was a good thing he was there, the Jubilee line (Metro) had some issues and we had to make some changeovers along the way.

When stressing for the airport it's nice to have someone that knows the way around that's for sure!

I have arrived just fine now with more than enough time to buy and enjoy a large coffee and enjoy some Steem before the plane leaves.


Large coffees are huge here btw, much better than in the Netherlands.

The first thing on the agenda when I come back is spending time on @pennsif's Steem2020 contest (it's currently featured).

from the post:

In summary, to enter all you have to do is make a post or video with your plan of action for Steem to grow big in 2020.

He asked me to be a judge before my trip and I said yes.

Talking and thinking about the future of Steem is one of the things I like to do a lot as you might know so it will be cool to see what others have to say about it!

The prize pool is not too shabby either at 1500 STEEM!

Check the contest out HERE and I'm looking forward to the entries!

What I have learned from this trip is that I do need to find a better balance between my on and off time of Steem.

This has nothing to do with the potential Steem has or my own belief in it.

It's more me being a bit too mental about Steem (I guess it's comparable to an irrational fear of missing something cool as a constant thing in the background).

My own vision for the future of Steem is still as bright as ever and I'm looking forward to a new more balanced week!

Good luck in the contest!


Dam I bet london has changed alot now! Do you often go to meet other steemians in different countrys?

My friend who I got onto actifit (inactive now tho) was in Ams a few months back and walked past some people who were talking about Steemit and apparently they knew my username from the canna scene..

Thinking about it now as she only recently told me, have you ever met a red headed girl with two dogs in amsterdam?!

Not that often. @ezzy and @rea are Steemians I met at Steemfest 1. We became good friends.

I never met a red-headed with 2 dogs in Amsterdam I'm afraid, I don't go to Amsterdam much.

Glad you had a good time in London.

And thank you for agreeing to be a judge for the Steem2020 contest. I hope we got a lot of great entries.

Thanks @pennsif! I hope so too, looking forward to it.

best of luck

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Safe travels, human. That is an impressive prize pool. Tub Cat hopes the judging goes well.

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Just don't eat any floppy pizza before boarding- I don't wanna do _another- report!

Nice to hear that @exyle
Hoping for a good future in steem and the people around.
Keep going

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I wish you safe trip back to your residence home hope you had a great fun before you leave London

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Thanks, man!

clicked on link => post was removed by pensif

Mmm...strange...I’ll check the link when I get back home. Thanks for letting me know!

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It can be very easy to fall into the rabbit hole of spending all of your time on Steem. It can also be a hard thing to step away and take a breath every now and then. Things are changing to fast and you are always afraid you are going to miss something. I really do believe a balance can be achieved between the two though I haven't really met anyone yet that has found it! :)

lol, I'm going to give it my best shot!

Wish you safe journey man and will check out the contest. Thanks for sharing

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Long trip and enjoy your recharge so that you will get good energy and start as judge o Steem 2020. I have took a part and post it. I think we need to struggle new year and @pennsif has good initiative.
Warm regard from Indonesia

Good luck!

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Congrats ! 🎉🎈🎊🍾
Let’s hope you find a really good winner 😉

I wish you all good luck for the contest and to deal with this tough judge!!:D

Best of luck bro!

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