Crypto Talk Monday (with Exyle) Radio show #6 tonight at 7 pm UTC with special guest Dan Hensley "@theycallmedan".

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Tonight at 7 pm UTC I'll be hosting my sixth radio show on MSP-WAVES.

(It starts when this clock hits 19:00)

Special guest is Dan Hensley (@theycallmedan): Crypto investor and Co-Founder of 3speak.

We are going to talk about his journey so far, investing in crypto in general, what is value?, Bitcoin, his investment in Steem, HF21, EIP, 3speak, censorship and much more in a show that lasts exactly 1 hour!

Hope to see you guys tonight!

You can listen to the show on or on Discord if you want to join the chat!

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I would appreciate a transcript. Is there software that will do so automatically or is someone willing to write a follow up post with the major talking points? Thanks.

Thanks for the countdown :)

Oh man...I am on vacations and if I try to listen to it using mobile data, it’s gonna be a bill massacre...

Will you record it?

Yes, I always record the show and put it on the next day on my blog.

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I like your clock link :)

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uffffff.. just finished to listen. That was awesome.
Dan is my #2 favorite source to listen.

Guess who is #1 ?


How are you guys going to cram all that in....In just one hour?

Looking forward to this one for sure.

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I'm going to have to hop in and check this out!

Sounds like it should be a really exciting episode!

@exyle, @theycallmedan definitely inspired many with his journey and mainly his journey reflects that we are nothing but our decisions and change comes from individual initiatives. 3Speak is revolutionary which hold the core idea of giving voice to all and in my opinion soon it will become home of many voices.

@exyle, Your efforts are appreciable and continue this value adding work and initiative. Stay blessed.

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I try come look also when you make this ... last time I did not have time ... this day I try have this time :)

Resteemed! Hope it's a huge audience!

Wow he is a great person on our steem Blockchain I hope you very special some talk great work and keep going sir..and hope you also thinking steem price...

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