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RE: Steemit Communities will make posting content feel a lot less judgemental.

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Did there used to be a meme front end? What ever happened to that. I can't even remember what it was called now. DMania maybe. Something like that. I think this is going to be pretty awesome when communities come out. You could have also checked Telegram/Discord/Reddit for your question. You might have gotten some ridicule, but you probably would have gotten an answer too.


I think there were two at some point. One was Dmania for sure. I think when they lost their delegation the project went down. It's something we have seen more than once. Projects will need to have a second revenue stream to make it.

I think I could have used those channels indeed. But I want to use Steem. And with communities, I will all the time.

I was really sad to see something similar happen with If they had managed their delegation better they really could have amounted to something I think. I understand your desire to use Steem and I think it is cool how communities will help that. You should check out my latest post, all about retro gaming!