E.T melting pot Earth


Everything is consciousness and life. We have the immense tendency toward giving meaning: "Life means emotions and feelings" or "Life means water at the basis".

No, these are just particular life expressions, but the reason we set such prerequesites for life is that we look at ourselves and our needs, and from here draw conclusions for our species. And as many Humans consider themselves at the top of creation, it is very easy to generalise these conclusions as valid for everything in existence.

But of course this couldn't be further from the truth, and even within the Human species alone needs are always changing.

Everything exists and everything is possible. Most likely, any reality, idea or species we can think of, no matter how wacky it seems, most probably exists somewhere in the Universes out there, for all imagery or thought operates on the Quantum level, which is not limited to time and space. This means that while our physical body is confined to this reality, thoughts and mental imagery consistently intersect across infinite realities throughout all universes whereby each Soul's thoughts and mental imagery, hence ideas and interests, therefore individual creations, are a product of their very unique past and future history within the Time-Space continuum.

As such, Earth is an extraterrestrially diversified melting pot where alien Souls of most different energetic lineages choose the Human body to create together "as one and the same (Human) species".

With so many different energetic lineages, any questions left why creating on Earth is so cumbersome and somebody is always complaining?

Enjoy pondering,



At times i feel like i awake in this body but we all have been traveling throughout this universe for billions of years to attain this form. Why not, if it were to collectively evolve as one species as a whole. Down at the quantum level, do you believe that trying to understand it it becomes like a mirror of our consciousness, because it’s what we are made of? Like the universe discovering itself?

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We are one appearing as many. YOU are the Universe ;)

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