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Starting Today Exode Pilots Are Able To Open Any Contracts They Own And Claim Their Card Drops!

Card drops are retro active back to time of purchase so I was able to open a number of contract drops from each contract. Wishing Syndicate was the first contract I purchased but its wasn't and I only had 2 drops saved up on the contract. But I think I got 3 from both of the other contracts.

Tom Settler Supplies

Favourite pull from my Tom Settlers contract:


TOM Explorator X4

At this point I dont know much about colonizing strange new planets, but I know that surely space buggy will be a critical part of being able to get out and explore.

TOM Explorator X4 features 6 speed which seems decent I'm guessing, really not sure how the stealth and resist will stack up, we'll have to wait and see on these vehicles.

Rekatron Weapons

Favourite Rekatron weapon drop has to be:


The Judgement Day

Powerful with an overall power of 50, combined with accurate and holding 11 ammo. As my saying goes, if you cant fix a hyperdrive, and you can't fire a gun, get the hell off my ship.

Weapons will clearly be useful upgrades when it comes to fending your ship from looters trying to steal your cargo. I like a good Trooper that knows how to defend private property with lethal force. Now they'll have the weapons to keep our crew and cargo safe.

Syndicate Drops

Favourite Syndicate drop today would be my new Black Lotus ship.


Black Lotus [Syndicate]

I mean fuck yeah, who doesn't want to add new ships to their fleet! Pulled a Black Lotus today and we'll have to see how it stack up over time. Features 6 crew, 6 cargo, and loaded with missiles, guns, cloaking ability and turbo.

My favourite ship so far might still be the Military Frigate "Archeon" Class, due to it's crew of 7, 6 cargo and 6 passengers. Also boasts missiles and turrets. We'll have to see how the Black Lotus stands up, will the turbo or the 3 EQ be a difference maker?

That's all for now pilots.

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Very cool...thanks for sharing.