Reaching 186 bpm on the first Fartek of the year

in exhaust •  27 days ago 

I just finished a 8.644km running that lasted about 0hh:42mm:21ss !


Did I ever tell you that Fartlek is the way to improve as a runner?
I am sure I wrote about many times in the past so, if you don't know what is a fartlek just let me know and will explain you at comments but, essentially it is composed by a combination of fast and slow intervals which duration or length is predefined.

What I did today was a hard one.... I did a mistake, I joined a fellow runner who was in the middle of his preparation to run a Marathon with a target time of 2 hours 45 minutes. He has 12 intervals of around 500m long of fast pace combined with slow intervals of around 250m long.

I said to him that I will try to help him and that is what I did but... I only could do 8 changes of fast + slow paces.During the 8th Fast interval I reached an average pace of 3'30"/km but I also reached 186 bpm aka "beats per minute" in my non-fitted heart (LoL).

However, the experience has been good since seems I did not lose strength on my muscles... the only aspect I should work on is the aerobical side. My heart and lungs still far from their best moment but I think I will recover them very easily if I can keep a consistent running plan.

Keep on running!!!!


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My heart has been reaching 190bpm according to my new Garmin. Seems that it fairly high for someone who is 50+, but I feel okay. My resting pulse is fairly low.

Are you using the cardio belt or the optical sensor?
Optical sensor is not so accurate

That's with the watch sensor. The rate seems to reflect my current effort, so I assume it's in the right ballpark. Will keep an eye on it.

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