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in #exhaustlast year

I just finished a climbing session that lasted about 1hh:0mm:0ss !


60 minute bouldering session.

Tackled a handful of stout V3's;
2 attempts for a V4;
80% progress on the pink V4.


Another strong workout. I can definitely feel like I'm getting out consistently again. Hands are feeling strong. Core is getting strong again. Time to start thinking about goal setting and structuring a training plan to make the best of it all.

Where's a cool place to climb, approximately 17 weeks from, say, now?

Check out some detailed info at my EXHAUST page
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Look how fast you are!
Can't wait to properly boulder again!

Gotta climb fast, otherwise I get tired. No endurance ;)

The more I think about it, I think "proper" bouldering is just whatever you're able to do that satisfies you. No labels -- just go play until you're tired and satisfied.