State of Exhaustion - January 17, 2020

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State of Exhaustion

January 17, 2020


A friendly place to try hard! Come get EXHAUSTED!

Featured Activities from Yesterday:

imageJanuary Gran Frondo Challenge Completed: a cycling activity by @kiwibloke
Distance: 105.36km, Duration: 376 minutes, Speed: 16.8km/hr
Distance: 24.07km, Duration: 60 minutes, Speed: 23.69 km/hr
Afternoon Ride Home: a cycling activity by @run.vince.runimage
imageJanuary Run #12, Part 2: Full Round At Sonnenalpe Nassfeld: a running activity by @ervin-lemark
Distance: 3.24km, Duration: 24 minutes, Pace: 7.606 min/km

Cool Stories We Liked:

959C21F2-03F6-44CB-9A22-CB86F78B6746.pngBiggest community 8715 people and most active people in Bulgaria! Cleaning together our town Veliko Tarnovo, BulgariaBy @calisthenicsdrop
By @argonMy Running Log 2020-01-16 <22K Pace Running Without Pain At Carf> ランニング記録2020-01-16 <ふくらはぎの痛みなく22Kペース走>running20200116pace.png
Surly Moloko Bars on Trek FX3By @captainbob

EXHAUST Leaderboards:

Running Leaders

This WeekThis MonthThis Year
1king-cobra - 26.39kmking-cobra - 97.43kmking-cobra - 97.43km
2ervin-lemark - 15.37kmervin-lemark - 77.58kmervin-lemark - 77.58km
3steevc - 14.35kmsteevc - 69.08kmsteevc - 69.08km
4amico.sports - - - 45.01km

Cycling Leaders

This WeekThis MonthThis Year
1kiwibloke - - - 300.52km - 67.25kmkiwibloke - 287.19kmkiwibloke - 287.19km
3N/Adavidesimoncini - 61.0kmdavidesimoncini - 61.0km

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