Excel Dynamic Conditional Formatting Tricks

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Conditional Formatting in Excel allows you to format cells based on the value of the cell. So, most conditional formatting in Excel is Dynamic Conditional formatting. This is because the formatting will change as the values of the cells change. Excel's conditional formatting option has many built-in rules.  These rules allow you to format cells based on values such as the  Top or Bottom value to name a few.  And you can also set the formatting to different icon sets too. Conditional Formatting is often a finishing touch.  It can give a spreadsheet or model that professional look. It can also be used to highlight important data that needs to stand out on your reports. In the video below you will learn how to apply conditional formatting by using a formula.  When you use a formula to determine conditional formatting, this formula must return a true or false result. So the formula must be some sort of logical function.   When the conditions of the formula are found to be true, the formatting will be applied to the cells.  When the conditions are found to be false, formatting will not be applied. 

Learn and Earn Activity

Now that you have watched the video, its time to practice what you have learned.  I cant say often enough if you don't practice what you learn, you wont remember it in a months time.

So to encourage you and help you become your office Excel Ninja you can earn tokens for completing this activity.  Learning Excel has never been more rewarding.

To carry out the learn and earn activity - answer the questions below in the comments section of this post.  Rewards will only be given to those that answer the questions here on the blog.  No rewards will be given to those that leave comments on Facebook or Youtube.

You can read more about our Learn and Earn Activities here.

Dynamic Conditional Formatting Activity

Copy and paste the following table into Excel

Invoice # Company Invoice Date Invoice Total
Inv587 2 - Company 2 30/09/2019 2380.05
Inv588 3 - Company 3 01/09/2019 3.36
Inv589 5 - Company 5 01/10/2019 929.06
Inv590 2 - Company 2 01/10/2019 7.8
Inv591 2 - Company 2 01/10/2019 102.58
Inv592 5 - Company 5 14/10/2019 1346.85
Inv593 11 - Company 11 15/10/2019 474.37
Inv594 11 - Company 11 16/10/2019 600
Inv595 9 - Company 9 04/10/2019 146.52
Inv596 2 - Company 2 10/11/2019 837.15
Inv597 2 - Company 2 10/11/2019 4.22
Inv598 1 - Company 1 10/11/2019 106.37
Inv599 4 - Company 4 16/11/2019 88.88
Inv600 8 - Company 8 18/11/2019 3513.48
Inv601 11 - Company 11 18/11/2019 2490.75
Cr500 11 - Company 11 18/11/2019 -123
Inv602 12 - Company 12 01/12/2019 12300
Inv603 6 - Company 6 01/12/2019 12300
Create a formula to sum the values of the Invoice Total Column.

Set up conditional formatting to fill every second row of data.

Set up conditional formatting that will put boarders on the cell containing the formula to total the invoice column.

In the comments section below answer the following questions.

  • What formula did you use to apply conditional formatting to fill every second row?
  • What formula did you use to apply conditional formatting to apply boarders around the cell with the total invoice value?
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For filling every other row: =AND(ISEVEN(MOD(ROW(A2:D2);2));NOT(ISBLANK(A2)))

For dynamic sum cell border: =AND(NOT(ISBLANK(D2));ISBLANK(D3))
- Branislav

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Thanks for the video. It is really helpful

A lots of good ideas


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