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A few weeks back I mentioned I was working on a charity course for Covid-19 relief. When I started working on this idea, I didn't think it was going to make me so busy or end up being as big as it is. This charity course has lessons from more than 25 of the world's top Excel experts. Experts from every corner of the globe. We have partnered with the charity GOAL, and even they have a press release going out.

Although the course is not going live until next week, I decided to start a little promotional work of my own and made this announcement post. its been super exciting coordinating all of this and although I am still working day and night to get it all ready by next week, I hope I will be able to look back on this lockdown and know I did some good to help.

I do hope that you will consider sharing this video across your social profiles, and if anyone out there is in PR and would like to give me a little help gaining more reach, please do let me know. it's all for a great cause, a fight we are all in together.


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thanks for the tip :-)

My pleasure.. It's for a good cause. ;-)

You do know that GOAL is a another globalist front? (you might support globalism/communism,I dunno).
It was in bed with USAID, the EU, Irish government, etc etc.
It has come under fire for corrupt practices to win bids in syria and elsewhere (2016)

It corporate partners include matercard and ulster bank.

The founder of the 'charity' is the son of a banker... (like ned from steem).
(oh, and covid is a psi -op. Sorry)

** Don't hate the messenger, just giving you some small tit bits of information. (DYOR)

edit: here a link to two doctors talking about conovirus - it was banned from you tube)

Wishing you well with this major effort @paulag. You do good work everywhere you go! ❤️

awe thank you so so much @melinda010100

Hi @paulag, it is nice to hear from you again and I find you in good health as well, wish you all the best with your charity works. It has been a while since the last time I log into steem, and seem it has a lot of changes already happen hear. Cheers

Hi Paula
This sounds like a win-win, a great cause and a great course. I will ReSteem this video and cross post for added visibility.

thank you

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