How to create public invites to Hive using Hiveinvite

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I got this question quite often from people, so here's a little how-to

Claim Account tokens


In order to create accounts you need Account Creation Tokens

You can claim them either on or in your wallet


Invite Someone


Just click it :)


Here are my example settings, I prefer people to add Twitter and Reddit accounts, so I can make sure they are not mindless bots... somewhat!



Example Settings


When you're done click Create invitation they're now visible at

That's all!

Check out @pharesim for more info on hiveinvite

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Good explanation needed and there you are. Thanks


Is this app still working? I tried to invite someone and it says invite pending but I can't see shit on the public page

long time since I used it... why don't you use peakd directly? eg

Yes thanks I moved over to peakd when I didn't get a response from anyone