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RE: MetaMask Suspended from Play Store

in #ethereumlast year

Bad news!!!


very bad, indeed

Just wait until day 6 then self vote... lame lame lame.
Downvoted for vote farming @steemflagrewards
Is someone getting greedy??? Seriously just stop... this is dumb.


i will not stop as long as im being gangbanged by 3 whale accounts. i give more money away in my giveaway posts than i get for the posts.

So you do a “giveaway” to try and cover all your self voting that you do. Make it seem like you aren’t selfish. Nice try, just be honest with yourself and others and things will be alright. Quit trying to get rich on the blockchain... it ain’t gonna happen.

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  • vote farming
    You're churning out content (often low quality), in quick successions with abnormal number and/or upvote size.

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