Reputation Score on the STEEM blockchain. Just got to 72. It is important?

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As I'm here drinking my coffee to wake up and start the day I have just noticed that I have reached to 72 on my Reputation level.


There are many conversations that say this score needs a lot of work and it is not very realistic.

In part I agree. But at the same time specially now that my level is higher it gets more and more difficult to keep going up.

What does it mean to me?

Let's just say that to me this represent the fact that the community are still very supportive of what I do in here and that I'm getting more likes than dislikes.

So this milestone it makes me happy and warms my heart to know that You guys are still not tired of me.

Thank you All that have been supporting me for such a long time and have been together with me in this journey.

We need to admit that my journey here is full of ups and downs just like my life in general.

This 72 means a lot of friends I have met. A lot of people that were here for a second. Many that have left and I miss dearly. Many that have left and I am happy I don't have to see their stuff in here. Adventures. Lessons. Struggles. Happy moments. Stresses. Many sleepless nights. This 72 means so much and at the same time it doesn't mean anything. Because all of it would have happened the same way no matter that number is there or not.

Now what do You think about the reputation Score in here?

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Thank You All and I Promise to use the STEEM Power wisely





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Congrats dear Sergio!

For me personally the reputation score is something pretty important because it can help to measure how experienced someone is regarding steem.

Of course we have many bidbot users (myself included) so it is not a number that shows how good a creators content is or how long someone is on the platform but it is a good tool to categorize or prejudge.

I like that you wrote about the people who sadly left steem. I miss a few as well but its their decision :P we have many more people to get to know here and everyday I find out something new because of this :)

Recently I was browsing through introduceyourself posts and yeah man we have a lot of new faces here :D

Happy 72ing!


I'm still suffering. Every day I cry. Thinking about all the lost souls.

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me too bro me too..... They dont know that they are doomed if they don't sign up :(

They might come back

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Congratulations man! I think everyone here likes the feeling of going up in "rep" ranks, but most everyone understands that it doesn't mean much because of vote buying making rep easy to advance, and it's nothing more than a number generated from the impact of vests applied in the form of votes to your account. The "real" rep is how the community views you collectively, imo.

As I said...i am just thankful that people are not yet tired enough to start down voting my stuff lolol

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Who would want to downvote someone as awesome as you?

Awww thanks. But I bet many people don't like what I do. And that is fine. We don't have to like everything

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It's not their fault bro, some people have strong opinions, and I suppose there are various reasons for this, but in this space, if you can help it, it's probably best to let it roll of the shoulder.

Congratulations. I just reached 72 nine months after getting to 71. I don't buy many votes or I would have got there quicker. Reputation means less here these days when it can be bought. Some of the highest reps are mostly based on paid votes. I think that could be easily fixed if the reputation calculations ignored bots.

True. I am the same. This 72 of mine is all sweet, blood and tears lolol

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