we are safe at this moment...😸

in #esteemlast year

I saw these photos from one of my folders on my desktop. I forgot about these cute and neat birdies. These are from one of my friend's home. His mom is taking care of these white fellows, she loves it.

I remember, on that day many people gathered there for a function, so these guys were kept in house arrest🙄 . They were restricted to come out. They are not trouble makers but likes to walk here and there as a group🦆 🦆 🦆 . In order to avoid their military parade in the midst of the gatherers his mom never opened their cage on that day🙅 .

These cute guys just stayed calm and watched the mysterious hoomans and their activities👀 . I thought they sensed those hoomans are eating some other friendly bird's meat on that function🍗 . Chicken and rice were served on that day...LOL. 😸

They stayed quiet without making any noise or any big movement 🤫 , they were thankful😇 to somebody else who saved them from getting cooked, probably they thanked those cooked chickens🐔 .