cat's eye...👁️

in #esteemlast year

Our cat was missing for the past 3 days. He used to come and take his food and go on wandering all day. He never stays at home as done in his earlier days. He always roams outside and comes for food only. We searched around the area calling him and there was no response.

Today I found him in the storeroom, where he was sitting quietly on the wooden planks kept up to the tiled roof height. He stayed in between the gap of the roof and the planks.

When I called him, he responded and refused to come down, don't know the reason. He is still there.




Looks like an angel

😁 dark angel...thank you

This look looks at my spinal cord)) This week, a lot of black cats))

Wow those looks amazing

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Omg!!😱😱😱 its looking not like a cat but like a ghost of cat. Is this picture is really real one becoz there's everything blank except the big furious eyes.

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