A Night of Feasting

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That’s what happens when you are out on an evening with a foodie. Any place that is new, “We must try that”. Anything that looks nice, “We must try that”. It didn’t help that he is a big boy with a healthy appetite, or that we were in a place where there is an “eclectic mix of international restaurants with alfresco dining’.

Anyhow, we ended up at an American BBQ place, called Decker Barbecue – a Texas Smokehouse.




The set up of the place was very casual. So was the service. I do not know if they were short of service staff or was it suppose to reflect the character of the place. (We had to pick up our beers from the fridge ourselves.) It was the first time I dined in an American Al Fresco restaurant, so I had nothing to compare with. Anyway, the service, or lack of service didn’t bother me. I quite like the casual atmosphere.

The waitress who served us was friendly enough, and she knows her menu. She explained what we are getting, and all was fine.

We ordered the Decker Feast – a meat platter for two. It consisted of 3 meat with 3 sides of our choice.

For the meat, we had Spare Ribs, Burnt Ends and Pork Belly Burnt Ends
For the sides, coleslaw, Brisket Beans and Kale Salad


The Spare Ribs were nice and tender, so was the Pork Belly Burnt Ends. I was a bit disappointed with the Burnt Ends. (the ones next to the ribs). I found them too burnt, and a bit on the tough side.

The sides. I rather liked the Brisket Beans. The Coleslaw and the Kale salad were all right. Nothing special and one can’t really go wrong with them, can you?

The bread was a little disappointing, truth be told – slices of plain bread. Again, I am not sure if that is the authentic Texas style of serving.

All in all, Decker Barbecue is good for Al Fresco, no frills, casual dining. The prices are compatible. and the food reasonable.


Address: 60 Robertson Quay
The Quayside
Singapore 238252

Opening Hours

Tue-Fri: 6:00 – 10:30 pm
Sat-Sun:12:00 – 10:30 pm
Closed on Monday

Apparently, if you book through ‘Chope’ you can get up to 45% of discount. Chope is a real time restaurant-reservation booking platform that connects dines with its partner restaurants.

After dinner, we had a wander around the area. Before long, another eatery caught my friend’s eye. But that is food for another post.


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Thank you @esteemapp.

Looks like the food at the Texas Roadhouse chain just up the road from me. Not my favorite place to eat, but my kids go there often. They serve a pretty nice roll with their meals, but I've been to lots of BBQ places that serve slices of white bread just like that.
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Hi Melinda, thanks for the clarification. So, there is some authenticity there - it is normal to serve slices of white bread. I was looking forward to some nice rolls, or some decent bread at least. 😊

I've been in some authentic rib 'joints' where the loaf of white bread is on the table, still in it's wrapper.

wow, you were served a whole loaf of bread. 👍

I was just in Texas, and your experience, except for the burnt ends being too burnt, was not out of line with Texas BBQ. You often pick your own sides and beverages out of coolers and line up in front of the meat cutters who will provide the meat you choose. It's a bit of a show to watch them chop your serving up. Then, off to the table, picking up some bread slices and fixings at a station on the way. The paper towels on the table is typical as well. Then, it's up to the quality of the smoker and of the sauce to make the meal.

Thanks Jon. We ordered our meal and it was served to us. There was a bottle of barbecue sauce on the table, but we completely forgot about that until we finished the meal. I had a little taste. I must confess that I didn't like it. 😊

So, at least now we know that the Decker Barbecue is in keeping with the restaurants back home. Great. 😊

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Try Mama & Machi near mayo Street. Cheap and wholesome Indian food. My colleagues eat there every other day. We're Chinese if u're wondering

Thanks! I think I will. I have been looking for cheap and wholesome food. 😊

lol! A Texas BBQ joint in Singapore! That bread has to go, that is NOT Texas style! None of it was actually, way too small of portions for one thing. They wouldn't burn the burnt ends to a crisp, no way. The bread varies over here from joint to joint but it's delicious and usually soaked with butter and grilled on a grill.

You need to come here for the real thing!

Ok. That settles it. Where food is concern, those overseas are a pale copy of the originals at home. 😊

Surely there is a Texan who opened a restaurant over there in Singapore somewhere. If there isn't then maybe there should be!

I will let you know if I come across any.

It might not be that popular over there so there might not be one.

It might not be that
Popular over there so
There might not be one.

                 - janton

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Singapore is a food haven. Eating is one of our favourite past times. If it is good and cheap, (actually, not necessarily cheap), people will find their way there. 😊

Howdy sir Vincent! I think Singapore is also a Food Heaven lol. Or at least it will be when they get their Texas BBQ right. lol. Yes, if the food is good it can also be obscenely expensive and people still flock to it!