Desperate for a nut!

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Some sheer desperation here at my study window this morning!

I heard the familiar rustle and hussle at my study window this morning and opened the curtains to reveal an interesting little character.
It was not our normal squirry, as this one had some darker lines on it's face, but I could sense some desperation here!
Let's have a look!


Of course the squirrels thought that it's going to rain and they have to eat before the rain!


At first this one popped up with the beggar pose!


But wait, he decides to be more dramatic!


Sizing up the challenge to rise!


And as in the first photo his back feet hang in the air!


He is up and says "Hiya Cuz, you got a spare nut somewhere"?


Knocks on the window; "Helloo cuzzy, hope you are not deaf, as I need a nut here ya old fart"


Then he heard Marian at the front and he scurried round to go and get his nut!


The morning had us all fooled as rain seemed to be imminent, and you can see the dark mountains here!


But here's the same shot later today and you can see, that there was no rain!

I think mother nature likes to play a few tricks at times and now we have a lot of fat squirrels sitting around lazing in the sun.
One job that I never want to do is to be weather forecaster, as they get it wrong so many times.
Some people say that politicians and their false promises are like weather forecasters hahaha.

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Squirrels, always so hungry 😍

Hahaha, I have never seen a squirrel that's not hungry my friend Lol.
Blessings and thank you!

Ahah so cute visitor!😉🐿

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Thank you my friend and hope your Sunday is good!

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Thank you kindly!

Hahaha. Those bastards are really nuts. You are really lucky to be able to capture these kinds of animal actions. Brought me fond memories of midwest squirrels and chipmonks.

Hahaha, we love the little critters my friend.
They are a pleasure to have around here!

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Thank you kindly!

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❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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A great thank you for the kind support!

Haha that's a lot of drama right there. There is no turning back till you reach your goal :)

Hahaha, he is a very sharp operator my friend.
Knows how to get what he wants Lol

where do you live, seems so nice!

@tipu curate

Thank you kindly and we live in South Africa my friend.

He looks so cute but very nosy!

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I wish that I could employ him as a salesman Lady Lizelle.
He certainly know how to get what he wants.

HAHAHAHHA!!! OMG!!! That is too cute for words!!! Clearly he is too spoilt already lol - he knows EXACTLY where his food comes from lol!

Lol, I told someone else that I want to employ this little guy as a salesman Lady @jaynie.
He knows how to play the perfect role to get what he wants hahaha.

hahahaha He would certainly win the hearts of the ladies :P

Oh yeah, I would like to see his pick up line, as I think it would be very dramatic hahaha.

hehehehe no doubt about that LOL

Here you are lucky. You could capture those animal's action.It's looking so cute, OMG!

Glad that you liked it and thank you.

Great images.

In lak'ech, JaiChai

Thank you my friend!

wow beautiful photographs of squirrel on window.

Thank you my friend!

My chuckle for the day. Sir Stephen, the photos of the squirrel are priceless. 🐿 😂

Hahaha, I can almost hear your chuckle Lady Jo, which means that my job is done Lol. Glad that you liked the post.

Howdy sir papilloncharity! What fun photos! Man, that guy was determined wasn't he? And he wasn't even one of your regulars right? He just heard that you had good nuts! lol.

Nature's grapevine works overtime my friend. We call him "Scarface" because he has two lines across his face. If he is this good with begging for a nut, imagine how good he is to woo the ladies hahaha
Blessings and thank you!

lol..another entertaining resident of your yard, so cool!

Yep thank you and this one is indeed a bit of a crazy character Lol