Daily giveaway- 1 SBI share or 1 SM card 14-Dec-2019

in #esteem9 months ago


In above post I wrote I will give 1 sbi share or 3 exploding dwarfs.

After making a random draw, the winner is @reconnectnature. Congratulation.


He chose SM card as a reward so I will send him 3 exploding dwarfs.


Here is you SM cards.

For this post I will give 1 SBI share or a goblin chef.

Daily Giveaway

What do I need to do to get SBI or SM card?

Simply type what do you want to get. If you reply with a comment to upper section, 1 SBI share will be give because SBI share is the default giveaway. I will rechoose if steem comment picker choose a bot. Write your SM name if it is not the same.

What random picker will you use?

I will use steem comment picker by esteem. https://pick.esteem.ws/

How long will be the entry window?

It will open for three day.

The @contestkings have this rule. "No Upvote, No Follow, and No Resteem needed to join the giveaway."

All images are from steemmonsters, steem comment picker and contestkings.


Thank you :)
I would pick again the card

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