LADYBUGS & SUNFLOWERS for Butterfly & Insect Day 🌻🐞🌻

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Hello my Dearest Friends,

Today I have for you another selection of photos from Andrews Scenic AcresI visited with my family couple of weeks ago. If you missed my previous post with SUNFLOWERS & DAHLIAS, please have a look HERE.

This farm was truly scenic there for I had the opportunity to take lots of amazing photos. As we were walking trough the fields, we saw those vibrant sunflowers in the distance, just behind colorful dahlias. I was so excited, because I didn't had the chance to photograph sunflower field before. However, I was even more excited when I began photographing them and I saw ladybugs all over them.

I don't think anyone of the other visitors realized that, because everybody were just taking family photos and so did my family, lol. Anyway, I was just paying attention to my tiny world of insects and capturing it's beauty. It was quite windy,but I learned to be patient, because I love macro photography.

This is my entry for #insectpub & #butterflyday hosted by lovely @whatisnew. For more information please read HERE.





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I approve of this ladybug posts.

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Thank you so much 😊

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Thank you so much 😊

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Thank you so much 😊

Oh wow ! these sunflowers are a paradise of ladybugs ! ^_^

Yes they are! I think they are full of small pests that ladybugs eat. Thank you for visiting Dear Barbara 😍

Marvelous photos! And they are real ladybugs... I can see their little white cheeks. All I ever see around here any more are Asian beetles.

Oh the Asian beetles here too! They eat the roses, besides other things! I saw only one ladybug in our neighbourhood this year and I didn't even had my camera with me lol. Thank you so much Melinda, glad you like them 😊

They are beautiful, Lena! 😍😍😍 Amazing shots!

Thank you so much my Dear, I am happy you like them 😍

AMAZING pictures 😍😍😍 I love ladybugs

Thank you so much Sweetie 🐞😍🐞

Beautiful photos! Looks like the ladybugs were meant to be there on the sunflowers and I love the sunflower photos too. The 3rd photo is mesmerizing. Thanks for using #insectpub tag. : )

Thank you so much my Dear..................I am happy to be connected with someone who loves insects photography as much as I do πŸžπŸ¦‹πŸž

Great photos Miss Lena! Do you have a special macro lens?

My camera came with basic lens that includes macro lens, but I was able to take photos like this even with my old camera. However, someday I would like 100mm macro lens which is about $1000, lol. Thank you so much Janton, I am happy you like it 🐞😊🐞

A good macro lens costs a thousand bucks? Wow. Well you'll be able to afford it in the future, that will be like pocket change for you!

I hope you are right Janton, lol

Well just don't forget who your friends are when you get there! Hey you could pour money into steem and be a whale!

Oh yeah, great idea, lol.

That would be so much fun to help tons of people and be a good whale instead of a selfish one! You'd be the queen of steemit.

Howdy Janton! I almost missed this reply. Well I always wanted to build Vegan Eco village with animal sanctuary, so that's what I would do 😊