Blissful times such as this one makes it worth the effort

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He was accompanying me to purchase some lubricant oil the engine of the car needed. The he called me and asked to follow a little dragon climbing the tree.... I was a little bit confused, but when I looked upward I saw a one meter long lizard on his way up the tree. He was just probably taking a sunbath before we suddenly arrived an disturb it's relax time.




Ar the end, it states at us just waiting for us to leave... It was a really nice afternoon alongside my little kid

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Hola. Que linda iguana. Interesante varla trepar en un arbol de Min. Ya las especies de este pais se estan adaptando a este arbol de la india. Es buena señal ecológica.
Un saludo

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-.- jajaja me equivoque de respuesta

Wow that is a good sized lizard! And what a fine looking little guy your son is! Great photos too sir joelsegovia.