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Today, I want to take some time to talk about the app’s of Ecency and how using them gives you a nice boost for your blog. Also I will talk about how this app is especially important if your upvotes are not worth anything yet.

The amazing thing about the Ecency app is that it gives you ESTM pointes for all of your interaction’s on Hive. Regardless of your Hive power, you will be rewarded with points for upvoting, reblogging, commenting, logging in, posting your blog and they even have a prize wheel spinner that you can use for free once per day. Get it here:


**The interaction that is most beneficial for you is making comments on other people’s posts. **This will give you about 5 points, whereas posting your blog is only 15 points, reblogging is 1 point and upvoting gives a small 0.3 points. You can see that in terms of effort/reward ratio comments are absolutely the best.

The Prize wheel spinner can be found by clicking the ‘Get ESTM’ button in your wallet inside the Esteem app, then go to ‘Free ESTM’ and click ‘Spin & Win’.*

So what do you use these points for? For small account’s I would suggest to go for the boost function. After you have written a nice blog, you can boost that blog for 150 ESTM (or more if you want) and Ecency will give you an upvote of about $0,50. This depends on the price of Hive obviously. Since some accounts are trailing Esteem, you will likely get a few more upvotes as well.

You can also use the promotion function instead and this will cause your post to be visible to a lot of Ecency users for at least 150 points per day and it the price per day is cheaper if you want to promote your post for a longer period of time. This will not likely give you the same value in upvotes, which is the reason I don’t recommend it for small accounts, but it is likely a good way to get more followers.

150 ESTM points, the minimum amount for boosting or promotion, is only 25 comments which is something you could easily achieve in a day if you wanted to.

To use either boost or promotion, you go back to the blog you just posted using Ecency. You click the three dot’s on the upper-right and select boost or promote. You then select the amount of points you want to use and confirm your choice. Within a couple minutes your post will be upvoted or promoted by Ecency.


I do not have any experience with the desktop, or Android version of Ecency, but I have been using the iPhone version for quite some time and they should work in a similar way. Start using this amazing app now through this link:

Please do let me know what your experience is in using these app’s.

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This is awesome! I have this app but didn't know the benefits. Now that you have given so much info, I will be using it more.

Cool, enjoy it!



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Useful info, thanks! So far I've only used Esteem on my phone as a fast way to upvote posts when away from my computer.

It’s useful for that too. But if you have a lot of points, then make a post and boost it. Or if you want to advertise you’re click track profit affiliate link, then go for a week long promo. That is what I’ll eventually do. I think.

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This is a piece of very useful information for all beginners here! Firstly, I am using esteem and I didn't know about that wheelspin, which is awesome!

Secondly, I know about the boost function and use it 2-3 times back on the Steem, but I didn't try it here (but I will) and if it works as you say, it's great!

Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

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Thanks for the kind words and sharing this info with others!

Giving it a try, but did not saw any option for redeeming points till now in desktop app.

In my iPhone app I go to the little square button that looks vaguely like a wallet in the bottom right of the screen.

There it shows my ESTM points and the ESTM points that I can still claim. Right next to the Total points you have, there is a small triangle that shows a dropdown menu with boost, promote and other functions.

This is on iPhone though. Are you perhaps on Android?

informative post. thank you bro.

You’re welcome!