Squirrels Love Pizza!

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Greetings Steemians,

I was planning on making a post today, but wasn't sure what the topic would be. A neighborhood squirrel made the choice for me.

I caught a glimpse of this squirrel running around with a slice of pizza and had to get some photos. Luckily I got some pretty decent shots. This was the highlight of my morning. (aside from listening to some cool tunes on @slobberchops blog) Check out this squirrel.


Pretty sure squirrel is looking to stash this slice of pizza..


I don't think that was the greatest stash spot. In fact, before even posting this that slice is gone.. Maybe squirrel wised up and moved it somewhere else. I hope another squirrel didn't find the pizza and run off with it.

Thanks for stopping by Steemians, did you know squirrels like pizza? I didn't, but I think they will pretty much eat whatever they can find.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day!

Much love,

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I must be a Squirrel 🐿

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Me too! 😂
Thank you for the support @c0ff33a 🙂

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Hi @futuremind, squirrel steals pizza. Wow, that's definitely an interesting sight to see. You're lucky you can take its picture, sir. Squirrels are cute, adorable animals. Have a nice day, sir.

Hi miss @elianaelisma,
Yes squirrels are very cute creatures.
Thank you for stopping by, have a nice day miss.

Looks like if finally gave up snatching it.

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It climbed up the fence carrying it in its mouth and placed it there :)

@tipu curate

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Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/15 - need recharge?)

Hi @annepink! 😍
Thank you for the tipu curation! 😃

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!gif pizza

LMAO, now there's a Pizza gif.

!gif awesome

Hahahaha nice! Thanks rent 😂

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