A Comprehensive look at Applesauce

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Greetings Steemians,

Today we're going to take a comprehensive look at applesauce. What is it? Where did it come from? Why you should consume it, and whatever fun facts I can find about it, I am going to share.


This is important, by the end of the post you will understand why. So let's delve into this topic.

Applesauce is a tasty treat, which is healthy and can be made various different ways. Peeled or unpeeled apples may be used, artificial or (probably more preferred) natural sweeteners may be used, like honey. It's generally just crushed up apples turned into a "sauce".. I prefer mine a little chunky with some bite to it.

There are notably quite a variety of different types of apples, and the type you choose may be crucial for the desired taste you are seeking. Me personally? I have no clue, I've never personally made applesauce before, but I have an appetite like a hippopotamus, and I prefer healthy foods over the processed junk that is so heavily embedded in western culture. So this is a mini research project for me, and maybe I will make a "cooking with futuremind" post again with applesauce. It's been quite a while since I've done any cooking posts, so maybe it will happen!

Applesauce is generally a side dish, and keeps well. In America it's popular to buy pre-made with artificial sweeteners, but if you have access to farmers markets or people who grow their own apple trees, you might find some really delicious applesauce. Truly there is a very noticeable different between homemade and manufactured.

From my research, the origins of applesauce is not very clear, other than reports that it was likely "discovered" in the 1700's in Europe. I kind of doubt that and believe it's probably been a dish for much longer.

Applesauce goes good with many dishes, from meats to vegetables, it's a classic dish. I'm not sure if it would go good with radishes, although I do love them, maybe I will try that combination. I'm sure you're wondering why I thought of radishes, well.. I have to explain something..

I was given a challenge of sorts..

I'm currently trying to onboard a new user, offering a free account and this person told me that if I could create a post talking about applesauce, utilizing the words hippopotamus and radish, they would join..

The other kicker is I must be able to bring in $10.00 in post rewards.

So I am relying on the community to help onboard someone who is interested.

I said I would create a post about applesauce, that it would be a decent thought provoking article, and I have done so in my opinion.

Will you guys and gals help this post get to $10.00 so we can onboard a new Steemian? The rewards will be put to good use, as I will be delegating a little SP to help with resource credits to the new account.

And hopefully you learned something here, I did, and it was fun.

Source of my research was Wikipedia.

I hope you're all having a wonderful day!

Much love,

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I will see if @tipu curate 3 will help me on this!

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Thank you for coming to the rescue here @davidke20!
I went to bed a little depressed thinking this post wasn't going to make it. It was a pleasant surprise to wake up to. I've contacted the person with screen shot proof, and waiting to hear back now! :)
If all goes well a new account will be created soon using one of my tickets, fingers crossed!

I'll bite on your applesauce..lol

Hahaha, thanks bro 😂

The things one must do to onboard. If STEEM was $2 a pop they would be clambering for an account and we would all be earning less STEEM per post.

For sure. We're never going to get back to that if we don't get people onboarded though, and I'm sure I could message some people and get this post to 10 no problem, but that would kind of be cheating.

If I titled it differently it probably would have, but this is kind of verifying some things for me, and it is the fact that posts are not being read very heavily, or.. people just don't care.. I don't know, but I am doing my best to onboard users. I feel like we all have a responsibility to do that.

It's still early and the post might make it there, irregardless this person I am talking to seems like the perfect type for Steem, and I don't care if I have to make applesauce posts until the cows come home, I'm not giving up. The person might also invest a bit, so we'll see what happens.

Thank you for stopping by, we're gonna get there, those of us that have stuck it through are far too dedicated to the cause.

Good to hear you doing something. I feel a little embarrassed at showing people all this, though since HF21 its a lot better. Keep going... :)

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Looks like you hit the goal, congrats and welcome aboard to the new Steemian.

On an unrelated note, do you know what's going on with Bilpcoin. I notice the upvote our staked coins decreased a significant amount some days ago and now it looks like another decrease was implemented.

I looked on the official bilpcoin blog but I see no updates or information for the recent changes.

This usually happens at least once a month, GIANT votes get casted in places...

My vote this time went from 80-something to about 8..

It will slowly rise back up like it always does, then shrink again after a giant vote gets cast somewhere...

Thanks, yeah got the new account all set up @xstarchildx,
Hopefully they will post and love Steem as much as the rest of us do!