My Favorite Oils are Not Essential - My Thursday Favorites #24 Contest Entry

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I use some oils for eating, skin and hair, but none for aroma hanging around my home. I don’t like smells too much and have never gotten into the idea of having oils around wafting into the air.

What I do like are oils that are not heavily processed, and use those as part of my healthy diet and lifestyle. This first on the list is coconut oil, which I try never to be without.

I use coconut oil for cooking, and also just pour it over cooked food I get off the streets. I love the flavor and need the calories, and so this is my go-to oil.

When I was in the states, I was a heavy user of hemp oil. This cannot be cooked or heated, but I added it to food at the table. I also made an infusion with oregano, and used this on any food I felt would be improved by the taste.

Both of those oils are good for my skin. I use coconut oil now, but cannot find hemp oil in SE Asia. This was a really good massage oil that would give me a very good sleep if I used it at night.

I slather my hair with coconut oil about twice a month. In the first days after using it, I have slicked back hair, and then it fades out over a couple of weeks and just makes it easier to take care of my long straight locks.

Other oils I use are nut oils and avocado oil when I can find them at a good price. Those are only for eating.

These may not be essential oils in the standard way people think of them. But I find them essential to my healthy lifestyle, and I am glad I found out about them during my weight loss days.

My post today is for the weekly Thursday Favorites Contest by @marblely for ccc. This week she wants to know about your favorite essential oils, so pick some, and you are in!

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Hemp is legal only in the USA I think. Haha sadly. We would have loved to use it to help sleep and calm down the nerves and muscles too!

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The rest of the world needs to catch up, @vincy! I was really surprised how well this worked. It really is calming and gave such good rest.

I use coconut oil as well - for cooking and for my skin :) But I do love the smelly essential oils as well. I actually use them not so much for just smelling good but also for their healing properties (only high-quality oils not mixed with chemicals)

I know I should get into them, but I'm sensitive to perfume and just never developed the habit.

perfumes are usually full of chemicals - and sometimes, essential oils are too. There are a few reputable companies, but I don't know what you can get your hands on there...

I used coconut oil for eating and on my. I also use almond oil on my hair and skin. I do love the essential oils too!

Thanks for always giving great ideas and hints, Sharon! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


You too, Denise, @dswigle. I think I am behind the times on the essential oils. And thank you so much for the tip :)

I drink 1 small mouth full of coconut oil 2 or 3 times a week. I add 10 drops each of tea tree oil, thieves oil, clove and peppermint oil to my non fluoride toothpaste.

Yes, it's a bit spicy when I loose count.

And I have some blended essential oils (tranquility) that I put a few drops on my pillow at night.... it helps me to not kill too many people at work. 😂


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I add coconut oil to my oats breakfast and it is delicious. I love the taste of coconut oil too. I haven’t use them directly on my skin but I am using a natural scrub made of sugar and coconut oil. That is nice :)

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