My Entry for the Snapfeed Competition #11

in #esteemlast year

I just found a cool weekly contest by @tggr called snapfeed.

The idea is to go through your day and notice the world. Just find take any cool photos and publish 4-5 of them in a post.

I can do that! I take way too many photos. @tggr mentions how we are always too busy on our phones and so this is why he has the contest. I do not even know how to use my phone (old people problems) and mostly use it to take photos. This contest is perfect for me :)

No written text about the photos is required. So here are some photos of random food I saw when going about my day.

tggr snapfeed IMG_20190731_154358.jpg

tggr snapfeed IMG_20190721_150036_HDR.jpg

tggr snapfeed IMG_20190819_184750_HDR.jpg

tggr snapfeed IMG_20190823_001538_HDR.jpg

This is my entry for the Snapfeed Competition #11 by @tggr. I will most definitely be back!

Tagging some friends to see if you want to enter too.