How hard can I work in a flood without food? - My Entry for the Looking Back / Looking Forward CCC Contest 2-19

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I am still not able to pay my rent. It is the 22nd in Malaysia and it was due on the 15th. I hope tomorrow will bring enough in post payouts. But I will not have enough to eat and the wifi is due Friday. So I am back on the fasting.

A few months ago I was hoping to be in shape for STEEMFest. I fluctuate in my weight and I was up near the top end by eating good Malaysian food. No worries now though. If I make it to Bangkok, I will be a bag of bones. All of my clothes are falling off now.

I am trying hard to keep posting, commenting, curating etc. I still have a flood in this place. It’s been over a week now. I have to do laundry of wet blankets and towels constantly and the floor is in a pool of water anyway. My landlord is no help and sends a guy to look and leave.

So I am looking forward to better days and not giving up as always.

My photo for this post is going to be part of my next tasteem restaurant review. This is one I am so excited to post. I loved the meal and the place, and the owners wanted to see reviews. I hope I get to go back there soon so I can show them.

This review will be my next post and 4th restaurant review for the week. My goal was to post 3. Go me!

This post is my entry for the Looking Back / Looking Forward Contest by @wakeupkitty for CCC. Post about what happened to you in the last week, or what you are looking forward to in the coming week, and you can enter too!

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Sorry to hear you are having trouble paying your rent and buying food again. Things have been getting better on this end and money seems to be “falling from the sky” - I even went on the California Website for money owed and found that some random company owed me $13 from years back. Im looking at getting internet for $9.95 per month (for low income families with kids in school) and even got a rebate from my electric company which had my electric bill at $9.99 this month.

I wish you lots of abundance and would love to take a look at your dream board. We have been getting very lucky over here getting scholarships, catered breakfasts and even finding new freelancing gigs.

Wishing you well.

Also, what’s up with the San Diego Coin? They seem to do payouts two weeks later?

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Yes, SAND has a longer payout time. I wish I had money falling from the sky, @metzli. I'm so glad it is happening for you. That would surely help :)

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voted you at 100% but that only gives you 5 cents :-/ so sorry to hear you are in hardship again

sending tons of hugs

am resteeming this, hopefully many can vote you up!

Thank you so much for your continual support, @thekitchenfairy. I appreciate your vote and resteem so much.

I am hoping money fall from the sky for you. Sorry to hear this. And I am alsp drying up or else I will help to top up the rent. Let's hope for better days ahead.

Oh my goodness, @iamjadeline. You have done enough to help me. Better days are coming and I will keep working to make them happen.

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Sorry to read that it is so tough for you there. I hope you won’t need to fast this extremely and that you earn more to be able to pay for your food, rent and wifi. Are you able to provide English tuition part time at your home? Do you need a permit for that?

No I cannot work like that legally and really do not want to break laws, @marblely. I have to find a better income somehow online. I cannot teach online with poor wifi either :(

You received an upvote from @team-ccc. 👍

Three in one day! TY so much, @team-ccc!

Good you made a plan and will work on your books. Soon SBI will no longer exist and next we earn nothing here. Not the writers, not the curators. Better prepare for the nearest future. Happy day and thanks for joining the contest.

You have entry number #5! I wish you luck. 💕

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I just think you are wrong about sbi closing. At least I hope so. But the lack of votes is really disturbing for sure. The big guys are too busy down-voting and fight now.

@fitinfunfood OMG they are fighting. I keep wondering with what to promote this platform but spend less time here now. Try to edit my #marchmadness tale. ❤️

Good idea, @wakeupkitty. I am sure you can publish without too much effort. Then you get money forever.

@fitinfunfood I doubt I can publish easily via Amazon. The option to make an account is only given if you use not the other countries. I also am abandoned buying books from that site strangely enough. Amazon plays some tricks.🤔

Good days will come soon, don't give up.

I'm counting on it, @rem-steem. Thank you so much for your support.


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