A Hot Tamale is Mexican Food Not Worth it! - Freewrite Day 723

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I love Mexican food, but tamales are probably the last thing on my list if I have a choice of what to eat at a Mexican feast.

A tamale is some kind of meat, fish or veggie stuffing, wrapped in a coating of some kind of mashed corn breading, then wrapped in inedible corn husks, and then steamed.

This is so much work for sub-par food! You have to tie this thing up to cook it too.

Far from hot and spicy, a tamale is usually bland as can be. The filling, though it might be good, is never enough to ever power the corn enveloping it.

You end up with all this corn mush to chew through and them you have greasy corn husks to figure out what to do with after that.The grease is also on your hands and possibly shirt now.

All in all – a tamale is very unsatisfying. Do not tell a Mexican person this or they will tell you how good their grandmother makes them.

Give me a burrito, soft taco, or taco salad anytime.

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Hmm, on the other hand I love tamales. As long as I don’t have to make them lol! And if they’re too bland you can always add some good hot sauce 👌🏼

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ha - I love tamales and have made them many times LOL and you make them as hot as you want with lots of salsa :)

And btw, there is a candy that is called Hot Tamales....