Surfer 2.2.2 lowered beneficiary, SPS and more

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eSteemed friends, we are excited to share next update of Surfer. It carries really neat features and improvements to continue to enhance everyone's experience. Keep scrolling to check what's new in this version.

What is eSteem Surfer

It's a desktop client you can use on Windows, Mac or Linux to surf your steem blogs and friends feed/trending/hot/etc pages, upvote, comment, read replies, do all the other major Steem functionality in your daily social surfing as well as wallet actions and of course with few added benefits: search, discover different tags, bookmarks, drafts, favorite authors, scheduling posts, ESTM mining, usage, etc.
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1. Beneficiary reward decrease

We've announced decrease of beneficiary reward to 3% couple weeks ago and now both Desktop and Mobile apps are updated with this change. With introduction of ESTM and curation rewards being better, we think our users deserve more rewards, we hope to remove beneficiary reward completely in near future.

2. SPS Voting

Now we are able to check and vote for Steem Proposals. You have to open your profile page and check the link next to Witnesses link or simply type esteem://sps in Surfer url/search input field.


You will see page with different worker proposals to make Steem better. Choose what you like and vote if you are not using proxy. Or let your proxy choose anything on his/her choice if you want.


3. Downvote button


Since there is a separate downvoting pool now and you are not loosing any of your voting power which you rather could have spent on upvoting good content so you can downvote spammy posts more often now. There is a button for that next to upvote button.

4. Increased tag limit

You've asked it, we've made it! We know some other clients use 10-20 tags but we believe 7 tags are enough to select content's relevance.


5. ESTM purchase

You can now purchase ESTM with Surfer. In Mobile we have in-app purchase option to directly acquire ESTM with credit card, PlayStore, AppStore payment options. For desktop application we have added something different, purchasing with STEEM and SBD directly. We will expand this later as we improve wallet page in future updates.

There are many more things fixed and improved in this release.

What's New in Surfer 2.2.2

  • New Purchase ESTM with STEEM and SBD
  • New SPS (Steem Proposal System) Voting
  • New Downvote button
  • New Reading time indicator
  • New Tag limit increased to 7
  • New Beneficiary decrease
  • New Romanian & Malay language support
  • Improved Sponsored posts visuals
  • Improved Link sharing to our
  • Fixed Minor bugs

Source code:
Report bugs:


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It just gets better and better! ❤️

So much better my dear @melinda010100

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Great stuff, nice to see SPS is now being integrated and downvoting! Been using the mobile app but not the surfer as much because of the tag limit so I'll start to look at using surfer more often :) The beneficiary reward is also pretty enticing now :)

So keen to see how ESTM fairs once we have SMTs on the internal market

Great, we are excited about the future of ESTM and working for more use cases.

Nice update ! And thanks again for decreasing the beneficiary rewards. In the long term, it will benefit you imo.

Thanks for feedback @vlemon 🙇

Thanks so much for the update. Good job. Good luck to you.

Wow its a great update for @esteemapp user..thanks for update. Can I translate this post for bengali community???

Yes, you can. Thank you!

Sir @esteemapp its my post for take concern in your post and write my own perspective for my bengali community .check it sir

stop spamming!

Sir looking my post.. Its for make Bengali community.hope you inspired me.

@tipu curate

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Nice job 👍

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Very cool... this makes this surfer more cool 😋👌👍

Excellent, and thanks brings greater advantages and benefits.

Cheers... Try new version out and let us know if you have any issues or feedback. Thanks for stopping by!

I have been waiting for this update and now going to update my mac surfer. Thanks team.

Super! Let us know how you would use new changes and have any feedbacks 😉

Long time waiting for this update and pretty much it bundles everything I was thinking of. While you are working on the site and probably that is your direction, I prett much the Surfer and it's nice features.
Keep it up, hear the community, be great!

Initial web version has pretty much everything we need for now. Of course gradually we will add more and more features, but Surfer and Mobile app will stay priority. Thanks for feedback!

Right on great upgrades!!

Great update @esteem. Nice work @good-karma

Thanks mate!

Hi @good-karma. Unfortunately I can't join all these positive reviews because I don't get a vote and I don't know what I have to do to get my work evaluated? Please explain to me what the criteria are and why my work is being ignored? Thank you.

Hi @olga.maslievich! We have encouragement program where our curators manually curate daily more than 200 posts and unique authors daily. If you are posting from eSteem apps (desktop or mobile), you should be getting votes. Although it is not guaranteed that you will be getting votes for every post, I will ask curators to not miss any posts.

Thank you friend @goodkarma! Does the percentage your curators vote on depend on any criteria?

Depends on follower's SP and maximum vote percent of encouragement program is 6% but boosting post with ESTM doesn't have this criteria or limits.


This is the kind of work that is worth doing to get people using Steem. Steem is light years ahead every other coin in this aspect. And now is the time to do it, once facebook/ instagram /Tik-tok lauches their coin, or google or amazon for that matter, it will be much harder.

Awesome news ! Love esteem ❤️

I wrote a post just before updating =(


I didn't even realise the app still took beneficiary rewards tbh 😭


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Congratulations for the great work with your awesome app! Already installed the 2.2.2!! Definitively the beneficiary, the downvote and the tags are necessities for all the recent changes in the steem blockchain and a great support for content creators. My admiration for your consideration and attention with the user.
My best regards for @Good-Karma and all the team!!

Good work, now I will use your service more often ! :)

Thanks for your hard work! Excited about the tag limit increase.

Congratulation guys!

Love the new post creation tab. The addition of the extra 2 tags is nice. Also being able to see my post side by side with the text as I type is really nice.

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Just for pc😒!

Hi.I just tried to use this and wanted to use estm points and so it directed me to steemconnect and there was no facility to copy/paste my key!

I'm just a bit bewildered and not sure I downloaded the correct thing as I was redirected to something called github? There were a list of files to download.

Do you have an idiots guide anywhere please? :-)

Hi @nathen007,
For Windows PC, you should download file with .exe extention.
For Mac, .dmg and .zip
For Linux, .deb, .rpm and tar.gz

Let us know if you managed to install those files. After install, you can use Steemconnect or Regular login option.

Congratulations @esteemapp!
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Now we can vote for steem proposals? Awesome!

Yes, you can try it out by voting our XSteem proposal 😊

That will make things more comfortable to use.

You mentioned ESTM mining, I don't understand that, someone please explain

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Still need 10 tags :(

Everything other is very fine!

You want 10 tags to earn other extra tokens which is not right way, one can argue that it is causing more spamming with unnecessary tag inclusion. SMT launches soon and we think, tag increase won't be necessary because those projects will have to find other ways to attract users. We will reconsider tag increase though on our next release. Thanks for feedback

Thanks for the post.

Finally, !! Good use of esteem, I'm started using it now!!
ESTM is really a thing keep me going!

Very good development !!

Thanks! 🙇

Wellcome dear.

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