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RE: 10 Facts About Me| 30 Days Blogging Challenge #2

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Oh, so you’re a nurse too Shei? Glad to know 😃 Yes, Psych is also one of my favorite ☺️


Yes... but I have never worked as one. I'm quite sickly, so my parents won't allow me to work at the hospital. They were against me taking up the course, but I really want to study something medical-related. :)

Oh I see. Same here. I’m immunocompromised that’s why I quit my job. Lalo na may covid19. So passion mo pala sya, pero the flesh is weak ika nga hehe.

It's better safe than sorry... ^^

Yep... It was my passion, but now I enjoy teaching as much. :) I still get to talk about medical stuff especially when I have students who work in that field. :)