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This morning I want to share a digital art image of an action fish, which means fighter fish. Small fish in our language are also often called Betta fish, besides being preserved because of the beauty of their colors, which are filled with long tassel. Not only the beauty of this fish is also a type of fighter fish when he saw his opponent entering his territory.
At present this fish is included in the contest fish, so many are interested in raising it and raising it.

The beauty of this fish is only found in the male sex while female shapes are not attractive and are only maintained to give birth to new seeds.

Betta fish which in Latin is called Betta.sp, live in freshwater of various species and can live 3 to 5 years with a length reaching 7 centimeters.
Below are some stages of drawing from sketching to painting.

Image creation using the Android-based Picsart application.

Thus my post today in digital art. Thank you very much to all friends who have visited my blog.

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