Sports activities on the school page.


Yesterday afternoon I was sitting at the Al-Zahra school where my child was studying. I saw several students doing sports activities.

This activity is routinely carried out every evening while waiting for nightfall. each student is free to choose the type of sport they like. If I look at this page there is a volleyball court, 2 badminton courts, and one futsal court.

While on the east side of the school there is a grass field for football and on the left side there is a field used for karate sports. They really enjoy every sport they do.

Before 6:30, they stopped exercising and showered to clean themselves because they were exercising. After bathing, students are ready for Magrib prayers together at the school mushalla.

That's my story yesterday when I visited the Al-Zahra school in July in Bireuen District.

Thanks to all my friends who stopped at my blog.