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I am sure that most of you are already aware about earning BAT(Basic attention token) with brave browser. But there is another way to earn BAT with Publish0x. Its another platform where authors get paid for their contents. There are two ways to earn BAT with Publish0x. First one is by creating content and 2nd one is by tip. Being a user of the Publish0x platform you can tip BAT tokens to your favourite authors. You are allowed to adjust the slider that how much you want to tip to author and how much you want to get.
For more details see the screenshot here


After adjusting the slider click on tip button and the balance will be credited immediately to both author and tipper.
Minimum withdrawl is 2.5 BAT.
If you dont want to creat posts then you can earn with tipping system but i would recommend you to be an author there to earn maximum rewards. you are assign with 8 tips a day. Each tip you tip someone the tip amount keep decreasing.
To be an author you have to submit application. After the team verify your account you will be allowed to post.
Here is my today's post that earned 14 cents.

I am posting my steem contents on publish0x.
I would recommend you to do the same to avoid from double effort.


Thats an extra income with same effort.
If you want to earn then here is the joining link


There is a 5% referel reward.
If you have any question please let me know in comment section and i will try to response as soon as possible.

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