My Entry for the 30 Day Engagement Challenge by @themarkymark

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Does STEEM need more engagement on the posts people publish here? Yes! How are we going to get that?

I am already in the Engagement League of @abh12345, and have learned a lot from that. And now I found a now opportunity for engagement and I am in!

With this post, I am entering the 30 day engagement challenge by @themarkymark. In it, he asks us to spend the next month commenting in places where we normally would not go.

The point of this is to see what happens when we go out of our comfort zones. Maybe we will make new friends and STEEM connections and some positive things might come out of new interactions.

How did I find this challenge?

I found out about this challenge during my weekly entry to the “Pimp Your Post” event by @pifc. Over there we are asked to drop a link for a post we published that we hope other people will see.

At the same time, we are encouraged to visit the posts of a few of the other people dropping their links and comment over there. No upvotes are required – just comments - but I usually give my meager vote out to at least one of the people I see there each week.

So this “Pimp Your Post” event by @pifc is exactly in the spirit of the engagement challenge by @themarkymark. Each week when I go there, I find people I have never seen before, and comment on their posts. I also find out about a lot of events at STEEM I would not have heard of otherwise.

This week, @wholeself-in dropped his link about joining this engagement challenge, so this is how I even know it is happening.

The post above links to the main post about the challenge by @themarkymark:

I did not see this post before. What great synergy!

@wholeself-in is very excited to try the challenge, and now I am too. I already make over 250 comments a week with my three blogs. So I find something new to me everyday. I decided I needed a special focus for this 30 day event.

Engaging with STEEMLeo

One place I have never looked on STEEM is in posts tagged with steemleo, investing, bitcoin and the like. I am not one to pay much attention to money, so hence my poverty lifestyle makes sense.

My idea is to look at the tribe posts for LEO by using steempeak. I only started using steempeak a few months ago for my main STEEM browser and still don’t know too much about it. So this project might help me get up to speed with that dApp as well.

What did I find to comment on?

I scrolled a few times in the STEEMLeo tribe posts and got back to 6 hours old. Scrolling up got me 6 posts to look at based on titles and then I ended up with these to comment on or otherwise work on:

I thought I would be seeing a lot of coin analysis posts, but I did not even find one!

I commented on these posts:

  • @abh12345 has a nice analysis of tokens in this post. He is looking for some liquid STEEM and wondered if he could get it out of steem-engine. Since that is the other project this blog is working on right now, I am very interested and asked some questions in my comment.

  • in a similar post, @cflclosers decided to dump unwanted tokens and use that money to power up some STEEM. He ended up getting 150 STEEM out of steem-engine! Great job, and I let him know he inspired me in my comment to him.

  • This post by @jlordc discusses using up his data allocation for the month in the Philippines. I am on short rations wifi myself and commented in sympathy! Metered wifi is for the birds.

I did not comment on these posts but I am glad I saw them for other reasons:

  • I found the latest @miti curation post in this group. I need it for a post I am doing for @fitinfun, so I was glad to see it here. This is one of our best manual curators on STEEM and so I am giving this example for others. No comment by this blog – just a bonus from the search.

This post by @steemflow is an offer to delegate 50 sp to new steem blogs who meet certain criteria. Again, no comment by me, but I have places to promote this offer and I am glad to see it.

The sixth post was a poop post, so I just closed it.

Through my other project to figure out what tribes and tokens are all about, I was surprised to find I am already close to a LEO dolphin status on all three of my blogs.

Today I went to the steem-engine LEO rich list and now maybe I know why I have more LEO than I expected to have.

Some of the people on the top two pages of the LEO rich list are people that vote some of my posts. So since I staked LEO when I got it, I get the benefit of their STEEM vote in my LEO token too.

STEEMLEO and the Engagement Challenge

Thus ends Day One of my entry to this engagement challenge. I will try to stay organized for this event and learn something! Hopefully I will have wonderful results after 30 days. I will probably do an update once a week or so.

We are suppsed to tag three others to join this challenge. At the top of the pond, I tag:

And down here is the murky depths below, I tag:

Maybe we can all get out of our comfort zones :)

Here is what I do on STEEM:

Please read my Minnow Tips Roundup post here:

You CAN Succeed on STEEM


  • esteem - freewrite daily with @mariannewest
  • busy - Minnow Tips
  • nTopaz - Photography
  • travel related


  • esteem- food and ccc posts
  • tasteem - restaurant reviews
  • busy - food and pifc entries
  • dlike - Sharing health news


  • esteem - dApp, token/tribe and gaming Reviews
  • dpoll- dApp, STEEM and lifestyle questions
  • busy - like esteem for this one

1 !BEER Token

Thank you very much @curation.neo! I really appreciate your support and beer :)

View or trade BEER at steem-engine.

Hey @bxlphabet, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Hello bxlphabet,

Here I am commenting on a post, with an Author I do not know! Your mission has been successful!

I love the Engagement League which you have mentioned in your post and I recommend the following actions for growing a small account.

1 post a day (min)
10 comments a day on other posts.

Answer all reasonable comments on your own post.

It takes time to build!

Thank you for your vote, comment and advice, @whatsup. I have been here two years, posting 1-3 times a day and making 10+ comments a day easily. I completely agree with you about taking time to build here. Patience and persistence are everything on STEEM.

Recently I have been dPolling daily with this blog and this has been a great boost for engagement and help in finding answers to my many STEEM questions as well as other topics I want to know about.

And my new project is learning about the tribes and tokens and posting what I find out. Somehow I have over 40 tokens in steem-engine now and this is a whole new world. My dPolling told my I am not alone in huge confusion for those topics. Hopefully this series of posts will be of interest to people who are watching this growth in a new area too.

Are you joining the 30 day challenge? I think this is one of the better ideas I have seen. Visits from anyone of any post is very motivating, and seeing new people is even better.

Hey @bxlphabet, thank for the mention and for your kind words! To carry out two curation project (@miti and is not easy.. but actually pleasant when is done with passion and commitment!

You do a huge job over there, @miti. Few people could do as much. Curation is not easy, and you are surely one of the stars of it.

Thanks, I appreciate you saying that. ;-)

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Wow! Thank you so much for your support, @trufflepig. I hope I do get attention to this post, and you really give me a boost!