Marlians Tribe Steps for Success

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Marlians is my favorite tribe on STEEM and I hope to help it grow by posting updates of what I see.

I am currently on a project to figure out all of these tribes and trying to get the fog to clear. This is a huge effort keeping up with all these coins. So I hope by focusing on one tribe I will learn a lot of information to help me in the others.

Here are a few suggestion I have to make Marlians grow.

Marlians needs to be recognized as a steempeak tribe.

Many people like me have abandoned steemit for steempeak now and they have a lot of tribe information there. For example, when you float your pointer over your rewards, you see this on steempeak:

marlians not in float.PNG

I know most of my posts have Marlians rewards on them, but I do not see them since we are not a recognized tribe.

Additionally, steempeak has a place to go and get only the post for various tribes. I know many people use this. Once again, Marlians does not appear and should:

marlians not a tribe.PNG

I have no idea how to get this recognition. I think you, @surpassinggoogle need to contact @jarvie from @steempeak to start the wheels turning.

Discord Needs

We have a large discord room for Marlians and other projects by @surpassinggoogle. This room is not active and needs some people to help. I am not one of those people since I am not big in Discord. But many are, and hopefully some will want to take active roles there.

Weekly or Daily Spotlight Posts

One of the best ways to draw attention to a project is by spotlighting the best posts from it. These posts are also very motivating to those featured. If we have people who like to curate in Marlians, maybe this is a good role for them to take on.

Our Rich List shows top stake holders not active

I am quite confused by this list of top holders, and wonder if there is anything to be done to get those top holders voting. Or are they voting, and I just cannot see it here?

That’s it for this update. I am tagging you because you are on page one of our rich list and I know you are an active steemer. Please give any input, suggestions, let me know others to tag in these updates or let me know to take you off the list for future.


This is Sharon @fitinfun using this @bxlphabet blog for posts about tribes and tokens.


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Wow, looks like you have a nice payout here! Showing you another thing that we need. Constant and consistent updates on our tribe.

I have a few steamspeak coins and would happily buy more if I knew marlians was a part of then.

I reached my goals of at least 10,000 marlians and being in the top 1% of the group and now I am looking to start a contest so that I can get more people to share their ulogs with me as they are my most favorite part of the blockchain.

I will be posting that very soon!

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Good idea, @metzli. We need to get a buzz going. I will do these updates at least weekly now. Also, take a look at my most recent post about claiming tokens. Like me, you probably have some you can sell and get marlians instead.

I got tagged so a small reply on that:

Our Rich List shows top stake holders not active
I am quite confused by this list of top holders, and wonder if there is anything to be done to get those top holders voting. Or are they voting, and I just cannot see it here?

I curate as much as I can but you have to see that is my main account where I try to curate apart from Marlians posts also Sports and Music and #deutsch stuff. Hardly have time to be as active here as in the past so to create different tribe accounts also not an option - feel free to send me marlians worth an upvote posts via discord, you know where I am :-).

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Thank you so much, @uwelang. I will do that and really appreciate your support. This is free-for-all for sure now!

@bxlphabet, Good to see this effort to boost the Ecosystem of Marlians. I am not sure about the metrics used by @steempeak team to showcase a tribe in their tribe section. But hope that in near future Marlians will be listed there. Stay blessed.

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To 'enable' a tribe on steempeak you should talk with the steem-engine team ;)

Thank you so much for your kind response. @bxlphabet, hope that you've got the solution.

I think we need to request it, but I am not sure how, @chireerocks. Hoping it comes soon too.

It costs a 1000USD to get listed as its a service offered by the STeem Engine team. Got to SE and check out STO menu :-)

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Wow! This is why we have not done it then. I'm am sure we do not have that kind of money anywhere. Thank you so much for the information, @nathen077.

I am not sure but hope that @surpassinggoogle can communicate with @steempeak team.

Enjoy your time ahead and stay blessed.

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