Claiming and Staking Tribe Tokens Part One

in #esteemlast year (edited)


Today I am doing my weekly chore of claiming and staking tribe tokens and it is not an easy job. It's all about money, power and time.

Here are the steps I take to do this feat with my 40+ tokens:

STEP ONE Clear my STEEM Reward in my wallet.

I first claim any author and curation rewards in my STEEM wallet, and then wait about 30 minutes for those to clear. Many of the tokens I get are tied to my post rewards, and so I want to catch them in this process.

STEP TWO Claim tokens using steemworld

This is by far the easiest way to claim tokens. Just go to the “balances” section. Then click on “Claim all Rewards” and you are done! Once again, I wait awhile before going into steem-engine to see what I have, so they will all be updated.


STEP THREE Go to steem-engine and stake what you want.

Here is my list of tokens now. This is FOUR screen shots!





Utter confusion!

STEP FOUR Stake the coins you want to stake

The reason to stake is so that your vote helps others more and so that your tribe curation income grows faster.

I have not done this yet today, and will make a separate post about it. I am going to sell off some off the coins I do not understand or use or tag for.

Please stay tuned….


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