Bossku watched a bloody damn movie

in #esteem2 years ago

Bossku went to watch a bloody damn big hit of the century, that promised this is the best terminator after terminator 2, and bossku and machai(followers) were so damn excited because many of the original role will appear in this sequel according to the officials.

Original video from youtube

This is absolutely the amount of expression bossku had over that crap. Bossku have a few things need to highlight to James if he's ever reading feedback from honest "customers" like myself.

  1. Why can't John Corner just be himself?!
  2. We know the real John is too fat as the rebellion leader but does it matter anymore? Since Skynet no more?
  3. Since that parallel world is a different world, why would you send a God damn old T800 back and kill John?

Seriously, it is so full of shit this time around. Bossku is really disappointed to the max, considering this time James himself is the producer. Boss is not going to rant further, if you want more rant, go ahead and hit the YouTube search function, you'll get tons over tons of rants from terminator fans.

Bossku just wanted to express how disappointed he was for the crappy movie. It's not about how much we paid for the show, but having empty promises talking about return of Eddie to the show, literally raise the hope for this show and in the end James send us right to the ground from the top floor of Skynet... oh wait supposed to be Genesis? Whatever, it doesn't even matter anymore. It's a parallel world, bossku still don't understand why Skysis or Genenet also like to send terminators back through time and keep on working on a defunct parallel world that Skynet has no future anymore.

Fncken retarded...


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Probably that is how machines react.... ?
(trying to keep fixing something that is broken.... probably hardcoded from its creator 😅 - that doesn't just make all things new = pun intended =)